System Choices! Need help?


Oct 10, 2005
I'm shopping around for upgrades for a Motherboard, CPU, Video Card, and RAM. I should say that I'm making these upgrades for gameplay, mostly World of Warcraft. I'm seeking as near-flawless gameplay as possible. I'll post these questions in all the appropriate forums, but I thought it would be best to list all my thoughts in each so a better opinion can be shared. Here's where I'm heading:

AMD 64 3000+ w/ chipset 939, to support a FSB > 800 MHz
I'm wondering if this will be enough. I'm considering
upgrading to a 3500+ if necessary. Thoughts?

A8N-SLI Deluxe, for the sli technology and a FSB > 800 MHz.
I'm pretty sure this is a fine choice.

Video Card
Some form of the nVidia 7800 GTX 256mb PCI Express
My trouble here is is one of my main problems. I'm
curious if this upgrade is really necessary or if I
could achieve the same end result by getting two
cheaper cards to be used with the sli technology.
If I should get two other cards I have no idea which
two I should get. This is almost strictly a question of
price vs power.

2x 512mb DDR 400
I think that's specific enough. I've some stuff about
dual channel floating that anything I need
to even think about?

I was directed to post in this community by my local CompUSA techs. I hope you can help me with some good advice. I'm lost on which way I should go on these. Thanks so much!


Jan 1, 2001
Get the 3500+ venice core --> best bang for buck

The ASUS is fine though some people don't like it, but thats mostly for OC'ing reasons...

Get the BFG 7800GT from newegg right now, $360 after rebate. The GTX is overkill, so is SLI. You will be exceedingly happy with the 7800GT...

With the money saved, get 2GB RAM. Newegg has 2x1024 OCZ Platinum RAM for $230 right now, after rebate. Make sure you get a good brand RAM (OCZ, Corsair, Kingston, Crucial). Dual Channel is a motherboard feature, not a feature of the RAM. And YES you want Dual Channel. All that means is you put one stick in channel A and the other in channel B and it will double your bandwidth. It's easy and doesn't cost anything.

Antec Neo480 or TruePower550 for example. Or something from Seasonic, Fortron. Their other good brands out there too. But I have a feeling you will stick these components into an old case with a crappy PSU and have stability issues and problems. Sorry, unexpected cost, but you need a good PSU especially if you are running the new graphics cards. And if you ever want to add in second for SLI... you will definetly need the power.

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Jun 10, 2005
if u like AOE III by any chance, get the GTX, it is damned taxing on vid cards......
and sli is better only at higher res, at res like 1024x780 or 12**x1024 sli don't shine as much and sometimes will even make ur games slower....

and not to mention that any old games + sli = error

but if u got the 1600x**** res then i suggest get sli....

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