Temperature Descrepancies help?


Aug 16, 2007
Alright im a bit concerned with my temps, here are my specs. Q6600 G0 VID (1.2250) @ 3.8 ghz (424 x 9.0) 1.413v. Alright now in bios it reports my idle cpu temp as 28c, when i boot windows coretemp reads about 39 38 39 38 and realtemp reads about 37 36 38 37. On max load realtemp reads 65c, coretemp reads 68c across the cores. Basically what im asking is if my bios is detecing a much lower idle temp than these programs than could the programs be wrong? I might try checking with a probe to truly determine temps. Please respond, Bios temps vs program temps. Btw the overclock is currently 9 hour OCCT stable, i dont want to lower vcore anymore.


Aug 9, 2004
The likely cause for this is that BIOS uses the motherboard's sensor chip (ITE/Winbond) to monitor the CPU temperature.
Another possible reason is that it reports Tcase (the temperature of the IHS instead of the core temperatures).

Try CPUID HW Monitor and find CPUTIN or a temperature readout that is attached to a sensor chip.

The BIOS temperature is usualy a bit lower than idle Windows desktop.


Jul 4, 2006
Coretemp is reporting the on die tjMax sensor (I think that's how it's called), and is vastly more accurate than what the mobo would give you.

Also with the volts you're putting in your CPU, the second set of temps (~38C idle & ~65C load) are way more "in the zone" for a Q6600 G0 @ 1.42v. I'm running a similar setup (Rig in my Sig) I run that @ 1.400V, and get about the same temps as you, and that's with an Arctic Freezer Pro 7.

I mostly use Speedfan for monitoring, and that app also as an odd offset in the temperatures it reports. It said somewhere that you should offset the temps reportes by Speedfan by +15C on each core, and with that, I got the exact same reading as with Coretemp.

There's a Temperature guide in here somewhere, just search for it.

Hope this helps.