Question The internet speed goes slow when I start a game

Sep 17, 2020
Hi guys,
Since I reinstalled windows I have a problem with my internet speed.
If I don't play games everything is fine. Once I start up a game even a single-player one, my download speed drops a lot I cant even browse on the internet or watch youtube while gaming. Even in discord, my friends can't hear me well because my internet speed is bad. I will upload pictures before and after I start a game.
I am using a laptop Lenovo Legion y720
gtx1060 6gb
32 gb ram
I have the same issue on wifi and ethernet.

Can you please help me <3
Thanks in advance.

- before I start a game.
- after I start any game even a single player
I think the network got scout_03 with a typo and double post.

What he is recommending is that you remove your router and plug directly into the modem. This is to eliminate your router as the source of the issue. If you do not have a separate modem and router then it is still a possibility that it is the router or firmware on the router etc.

This is purely to eliminate suspects. In general this type of error is commonly caused by errors on the connection. As the traffic increases you get more and more errors. Wifi this is extremely common which is why you should test via ethernet to avoid the wifi loss corrupting test results.

First run ping to your router IP in the background both when you have a game running and when it is not. This is to test if it is your PC and/or the router. If you do not see loss it likely means the problem is outside your house.

What is extremely suspect here is you say single player games cause the issue. I guess it depends also if the signal player game actually has online traffic or if it could be played with no internet.

If you do not see ping loss to the router even when a game is running then you start to suspect the connection to your house. You will want to do tracert to and get the ip for hop 2. This for most people represents the ISP first router. If you leave a ping run to that in the background and it has issues then you can call the ISP and see if they will fix it. It maybe a little harder for them to find if it does not have issues when there is little or no load. The tech will have to understand how to say load the link to 50% and then test.

If the problem is software in your PC it can be a huge number of things. I guess maybe use something like steam and download a game but set the download rate to 50% of your bandwidth. Steam is a much simpler program than a game that is using all kinds of other resourses in your machine.