The Week In Storage: Micron To The Rescue, Samsung Unimpressed, Apple Announces New APFS Filesystem

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one precision: while the first version of NTFS did come out in 1993, it actually was a homebrew version of IBM's HPFS. The current version of NTFS is 3.1, and debuted with Windows XP. It's an incremental upgrade on v3.0 which came with Windows 2000 and simply duplicates some data (so Windows 2000 can still read Windows XP formatted partitions - it simply ignores the duplicate data).

If you used the first version of a file system to rate it, then Linux's ext file system would really seem dated; however, ext4 (which became "stable" around 2009) is faster, safer and more capable than all previous versions of ext; it is also somewhat flash-friendly provided it is mounted with the proper options.

It is relevant to mention ext4 here, as it is the default file system for Android. So you probably have one in your hand or your pocket now.


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Feb 24, 2015

In fact, I read your post on an Android. Great info, thanks for bringing this up. I am a lover of all things Linux (though no expert by any measure), and was remiss for leaving out ext.
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