Jan 9, 2005

I'm very disappointed that THG would publish such an
amateur rant.

First off, proper planning would have revealed the
specific cabling requirements of the motherboard
chosen for this machine.

Nah! Forget planning: ALL AHEAD FULL!!

I'm not aware of a single retailer who would object
to opening a package to inspect a component FIRST!

The obvious assumption that all power supplies are
equally (or mostly) compatible was rather a stupid one.

For example, Antec's website recommends two fine
power supplies for the P180: the reviewer should
have selected one of those, instead of making a
fool of himself.

(I'm not an Antec employee, mind you.)

Shoving some off-brand PSU into this sophisticated
case reveals an air-head with no ventilation whatsoever.

Not all documentation is bundled with a product:
perhaps the reviewer has heard of the Internet?

Maybe not!

Heck, most motherboard manufacturers provide detailed
user's manuals FOR FREE, at their Internet website;
those manuals typically document all cabling requirements.

Also, the desk housing the finished system has a
solid back, which clearly prevents air circulation.

An inexpensive folding table from Office Depot,
shifted 2-3" from the wall to make room for cables,
has far superior air circulation (no back to block
air flow). Duuuh!

Hot air rises, remember? (Or, it works its way
into amateur computer reviews at THG.)

Hey, Tom, next time pay more attention to the details,
because details matter in this industry. But, we know
you already know that!

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Webmaster, Supreme Law Library


Oct 24, 2004
I made the same mistake myself when i hooked up my Athlon 64 board. That stupid 4 pin connector made me waste almost an hour before i finaly figured it out by reading the case and the board manual.

Let's call this a first time users mistake. By the way i have a Antec Sonata case with a 3500+ inside plus i have 2 Raptors and the case temperature never goes above 40C.

The Sonata comes with a good power supply and it is a lot less expensive than the P180. I really don't see the point in investing the extra money in a aluminium case. That's my opinion.



Sep 20, 2005
I love it how the reviewer spent so much money on an A64 4000+ and complained about his inability to run two instaces of his game. Why didn't you spend LESS money on an X2 3800+?! More the fool to the reviewing, who clearly knows very little about processors.


Sep 20, 2005
What an atrocious review - what exactly did it have to do with the P180 case? I am the proud and happy owner of this case, and was looking forward to reading what THG had to say about it.
All this review showed me is that Andy Patrizio seems to not have a clue about computers. My issue though is not with the 6 minutes I wasted reading this, it's that the review's title "Up And Down With Antec's P180 Case" would lead me to believe this was a review OF the P180, NOT a review of Andy's fumbling computer skills.
I have a small suggestion for clearing this up, rename the article to either: Andy's Everquest Debacle
or: A Fine Example Of What Not To Do.

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Former Staff
This was a user-written review, ment to express the triumphs and tribulations typical users face when upgrading their equipment.

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Jan 23, 2003
why didn't anyone tell the writer of that article that his 20 pin plug would have worked in the 24 pin socket?

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Jan 17, 2003
The Enermax 535 has an 8-pin (2x4-pin) 12V connector as is normally used on dual processor mobos. IDK if it is splittable like the 20+4 ATX connector but the left four pins will fit in the P4-12V connector as long as there is some clearance off the right side of the P4 connector (viewed from the latch side). And there are 4x2 to 2x2 adapters for those that have no clearance (but they are not cheap). [Edit]Apparently the K8N Neo4 Plat. has an inductor off the right side of the P4 connector - so sad... Worse to worse, one could cut the 4x4 in half with a hot knife. <roll-eyes>
. This was the pathetic recounting of the experience of a NOOB Builder, not than of an experienced builder as should be expected from a site such as this.
. If you avoid reading anything but the news and the PSU and Case roundups on THG, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and yelling at your screen: "Dummy!" "Idiot!" "Cretin!" were some of my cleaner exclamations.


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