Question Third of fps untill GPU driver reinstall after every shut down/restart/sleep


Nov 8, 2017
So I've had this problem for a while now and tried a few things people offered, but nothing worked so far and decided to post again and see if someone here can help me.
Basically, after every time I shut down or restart or send my PC to sleep, I have about third or less of the FPS I usually have in games and nothing helps it until I reinstall my GPU driver (nVidia).
I tried to remove my driver with a DDU (2 different times and different programs) and installing the driver cleanly/freshly, didn't work. Tried to update my bios, didn't work.
If anyone has a suggestion as to how to fix this, please let me know. It's really frustrating to do that every time, especially if I only remembered it cause I see the low fps after entering a game and I have to exit it and wait for the reinstall until I can play.