Question This is not enough for gaming... right?

May 30, 2019
I am experiencing a lot of network connection issue when I am playing competitive games like rainbow 6 siege. If you are having network connection issue an icon will pop up at the corner on your screen and they've been appearing quite often. I then did a speedtest and realized that my upload was only at 15mbp/s, the promised up to 30 mbp/s but I am only getting half. This severely impacts me when I play competitive games right? I keep feeling that my shots are not registering and people are seeing me faster than I see them kinda thing. Also why can they only provide 10% of my download speed? I feel like im getting ripped off paying 100 bucks a month for services like this and this is the best they can offer.



So file a complaint and tell them you want a technician out to shoot signal and test the lines.

If I was paying for 30Mbps upload speeds and only get 15, I'd be harassing them until I got a technician sent out.

Honestly though, I have only a 75Mbps down and 5Mbps up connection and have no problems gaming at all.
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You need to do better testing to determine what your problem really is. Not getting what you are paying for is a different issue than not enough upload speed for a game. The vast majority of online games use well under 1gbit. Most are closer to the 300-500mbps. It has not been that many years where a very common upload speed on slow dsl was 384k and game developers wanted those people to buy their game too.

You should have more than enough bandwidth even to stream your game at 1080 at the same time on a 15mbps connection.

So you can call and complain but that is mostly a billing issue. To see what your connection issues are you want to use the PING command in background cmd window and see if you have some issues.