Question Thoughts on £1200 gaming PC build?


Nov 6, 2014
Hi everyone,

Building a gaming PC for my friend with a budget of around £1000-1400. I'm a bit out of the loop since I haven't built a PC in around 3 years, so a lot has changed in times of hardware, GPU prices etc.

A user on another post suggested this build:

What is everyone's thoughts on this for a gaming PC build, mostly for FPS such as CoD, Valorant, Overwatch, Apex. Budget is for the PC only, not including monitor, keyboard etc.

I'd just like to get a few second opinions since it was the only reply I received. Cheers!
(Original post where user posted links to suggest their justification on hardware)
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3600/18 is on the slower side, 3600/16 would be better, and I've never heard of Klevv (it's not got a large presence in the US) but when marketing starts saying stuff about reduced voltages, pure aluminium heatsinks, QVL approved, best in class memory chips, kinda makes a person wonder if they really believe that or just want you to believe that. It's standard 1.35v xmp ram, with a standard aluminium heat spreader using not-best in class SkHynix memory modules. If they were running 3600/16 at 1.30v using Samsung B-die, then maybe their claims would be believable.

QVL approved? Really? Whose QVL? There isn't Any ram anywhere that's QVL approved. No such thing. A vendor listed QVL is nothing more than a list of ram sticks and kits that was tested and worked at advertised xmp speeds. There's no Approval anywhere, no saying that 'this stick works, guaranteed'.

Its cheap, will most likely work on an intel platform without issue, most all SkHynix does, but it's not anywhere near special or high performance oriented as the marketing would have you believe.