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  1. Noob-Geek

    Question PC stopped posting

    Hi there, I have recently purchased the MSI Codex S 8gb, 128gb SSD, 1tb HDD with GTX 1050 TI LP. Soon after I purchased this set up I added additional 8gb DDR4 ram in the 2rd slot. I am using the H310M pro plus which cam with the set up. The problem occurred due to me leaving my PC open as I'm...
  2. J

    Question Help my pc turns its peripherals off from time to time, my game freezes and it has shown a blue screen message,

    Hey guys, how is everyone doing?? Guys, I need a favor, My pc sometimes when I am gaming, turns its peripherals off, like my headset, my mouse and my keyboard, then my game freezes for about some 3 to 5 seconds, and at some point there was a blue screen on my screen, saying that it needed to...
  3. S

    Question I'm getting fps like 31 max in Gta V

    My spec. = Q8400 2.66ghz quad core 8gb ddr3 (Dual channel 4x2) Gigabyte Gt1030 2gb ddr5 Antec A30 CPU Cooler I thought I will get fps like between 30 to 60 as 30 fps isn't very smooth.. I saw videos on youtube same spec as my but they running like more than 30 fps :( Please fix this problem *
  4. C

    Question Gaming PC Build

    Hi all. Gaming PC Build needed - £680 budget maximum for tower only. Windows already owned. Parts lists would be fantastic. Thank you!
  5. C

    Question Looking for an appraisal for my gaming desktop pc

    I am planning to sell my gaming pc and i was wondering if i could get an appraisal for my current setup. Customized and assembled professionally through back in June 2016...
  6. DivineLion

    [SOLVED] My cpu is at 90 degrees Celsius how do I fix it?

    My cpu has lately been at around 90-95 degrees Celsius and i don’t know how to fix this. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 cpu and a NZXT kraken cooler. My friend says to reapply thermal paste but I don’t think that it will bring it back down to what it was before. It is a year old and even when idle it’s...
  7. E

    Question Sound Blaster Card for gaming?

    I've never added a sound card to my gaming PC and I just upgraded the PC (on a 3 year cycle, this was a good time for it). I have some money left over, and I was thinking about upgrading the sound. All the recommendations I see are for gaming with headphones. I have a 5.1 surround system...
  8. C

    Question Budget Gaming PC Build Thoughts

    Hi all... Thoughts on the below list for a gaming PC? Budget is approx. £650 max and needs to include thermal paste, extra fans and a Windows key... Happy to consider your alternatives. Thanks in advance.
  9. C

    Question £650 Gaming PC Build

    Hello all. Looking to build a gaming pc for £650. This is for the tower only - a 1920x1080 monitor is already owned. Please can you send me some parts lists to consider? Thanks, Connor
  10. mikec17

    Question Flashing On/Off Issue for AOC C32G1 Curved 32" monitor

    Have a weird issue that I've been experiencing since I got my latest PC in 2019 from cyberpower where "somewhat randomly" my monitor will flash black for 3-5 seconds as if I turned it off, and then it comes back on. I have almost the same PC with some very slight differences, and a different...
  11. IAI212

    Question I’m recasting my Pc is there anything to look out for

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 I5-4460 CPU, 500W PSU, 8GB RAM, R9 380 nitro GPU. These are all cased in the dell Inspiron 3847 original case I’m swapping cases with a new Aerocool Split Tempered Glass Windowed Mid Tower Case. I was wondering if there is anything to look out for or anything that...
  12. Laniboy1010

    Question I need help!!!

    What is the best way to cut corners on my gaming pc build. I want to keep the price under 980 euros, but I don't know if I can make my build cheaper. If so, how should I do it or should I leave the build how it is. I want at least 144fps at medium/high settings in most games (not games where...
  13. Y

    Question Hello! Can an experienced pc user help me with this?

    Hi! I am looking for a good gaming pc able to run gta relatively smoothly, graphic settings dont matter to me, if i need to use low graphics to get 60fps that wouldnt bother me, this is the pc i am currently looking at, ( ) but im not...
  14. D

    Question Was this a good deal?

    I just purchased a gaming PC at my local pawn shoppe for $427 and I wanted to know if I got a good deal or not. Plus I need a little help with some of the specs lol. It has. 250GB SSD 3-4TB HDD AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series...
  15. Wall E

    Question Should I buy Ryzen 5 3500 for my budget gaming PC? Is it a good processor?

    If yes, then which MoBo and GPU should I use with it? My total PC budget is around $600 (45,000 INR). Or is there any better processor available in this price segment (for budget gaming)?
  16. M

    Question My PC when it boots goes to a blue screen

    Whenever I turn on my PC which I've had for about a year or so boots it starts off normal, then things start to load. Then all of a sudden certain apps that are open will close and the back ground turn blue and the task bar disappears. Does anyone have a solution to my problem. Also when the...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] €1600 Gaming PC build

    Hi, what do you think about this build? I searched everything on Amazon, read a lot of reviews but I'm not sure whether the parts fit together. Don't judge me too hard it's my first gaming pc build^^ Patriot Viper VPN100 M.2 2280 PCIe 512GB - High Performance Solid State Drive - VPN100-512GM28H...
  18. M

    Question Should i buy a cheap custom gaming pc then upgrade the GPU? Or build a custom one myself

    As the question asks. I have a low budget, so i just thought of the idea of buying a cheap custom PC already prebuilt like this one Then buy this...
  19. M

    Question Suggestion needed on building a gaming PC

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to assemble a gaming PC, which I will be using for gaming, record, edit and convert videos, perhaps streaming as well but maybe in future. Apart from these I am not intend to use this for any other purposes. I will be playing FPS, Simulation etc. games on this. I...
  20. M

    Question Hey guys, does anyone know of a gpu i can upgrade to on a pre built Hp Omen 870-224, without interfering with the other components ? Here is the site with it's specs... i've already upgraded to 16 gb of ram