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  1. OrdJk

    Question I recently bought the DT 770 pro *80 ohm* and am having an issue with it

    I also own a UMC22 and decided to use the headphone port on there to power the DT 770 , So far It had no issues except for when I tried to use my microphone that is also plugged into the UMC22. Basically the issue is that I cannot use both the microphone and headphones because they both use...
  2. Question PC won’t shut off completely

    Specs - Aaeon Mini ITX Motherboard EMB-B75A i3-3220 1x8 1x4 12gb ram XFX R9 280 Evga 500w 80 plus NZXT H210 case Windows 10 20H2 all current updates are updates when I power the pc it shows the pc shutting down. However everything stays on. Fans, PSU, CPU cooler, GPU, and rgb strips In the...
  3. Z

    Question Low FPS but good rig (SOLVED)

    My build: Ryzen 5 2600 4.0GHz (OC) Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 OC MSI-B450 650w Sharkoon PSU 16 GB RAM Monitor: Acer 1080p60 I have low FPS on normal games, like Destiny 2 and Warframe and even games like LoL have FPS drops if I activate an Overlay. Cyberpunk was running ok with 50 - 60 FPS but...
  4. M

    Question Multiple monitors to multiple computers

    I have 3 monitors connected to my gaming pc, one uses hdmi and runs at 120hz the next uses dvi and and runs at 144hz and the third uses display port and runs at 240hz. I recently got a macbook pro with 2 USB-c slots. I'd like to be able to use all 3 monitors with both systems. Is there a...
  5. Akdemon

    Question i need help with my gaming pc undeperforming

    i recently build a gaming pc but it seems to be underperforming in games ryzen 5 3600 rtx 3060 16gb 3200mhz asrock b450m-hdv r4.0 case Silverstone fara r1 antec 750 wt 80plus gold power supply 144hz monitor vsync disabled did ddu many times should run valorant at 300+fps minimum but gets 200 and...
  6. Sambs7

    Question I live between two countries where should i put my gaming pc

    I live between 2 countries. Where should i place it? i got to school and i spend most of my time in Lebanon but I go to germany for holidays, I dont know if i should place it in germany or in lebanon.
  7. R

    Question Gaming PC display goes off after logged in for few mins.

    Hello everyone, Apologies if I have posted in the wrong section. I am having an issue with my gaming PC. As soon as I am logged in to the PC and after few minutes the screen goes blank and the only option I have is to turn off the PC. This happened this Monday when I started my PC after I...
  8. C

    Question Hi! I'm building a gaming pc for the first time in nearly a decade. Need some help! Thnx!!!

    I built my gaming pc back in 2013 and it's fared well over the years. You folks actually helped build it! But alas all good things must come to an end. I poured tea down the vent and now it crashes often, hoping it doesn't crash as I type this. I want to use something like Ibuypower or a similar...
  9. T

    Question Looking for suggestions on buying a Prebuild that is upgradeable.

    Hello, I usually build my gaming PCs but have been using my last build for a few years now. I considered just upgrading parts but multiple components are starting to fail, the biggest issue being my graphics card fails anytime I play a semi new game with decent graphics. I intended to build a...
  10. B

    Question Good PC Underperforming Please Help!

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help me figure out why my PC is underperforming in games. My current components are: X470F Motherboard 16GB G-Skill Tridentz 3200Mhz RAM Ryzen 7 2700x CPU RTX 2070 Armor GPU Crucial MX500 SSD 750W EVGA 80+ Gold The problem I'm encountering in games...
  11. L

    Question Airflow pc, What is the best fan position

    Hello! I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out? Photo link:
  12. Loganboamo

    Question Oc my ram to 2933 or 3200

    So i purchased 3200 mhz ram but im running it at 2933 mhz. My timings are 17-19-19-39 with a vram voltage of 1.350. I keep crashing and am really struggling to find the right settings. my pc- i9 9900k 4.7 gtx 1070 16gbs 3200mhz (trying to oc to 2933) g skill ripjaws 500 watt PSU Z390 a pro...
  13. Jay_Too_Goated

    Build Advice i9 10900k paired with an rtx ASUS ROG STRIX NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3090 White OC Edition Gaming

    Hey guy’s I’m building a gaming pc but ion know if these parts will suit my needs. These are the list of parts tell me what you guys think: 1. Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB pc case 2. NZXT Kraken Z Series Z73 360mm, 3.CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB), 4.Thermaltake Toughpower GF1...
  14. nednerbish

    Question Advice on buying a GPU so I can finish this build ?

    I am NOT(now that I read the rules so I will list everything at the end) attaching a Amazon list of all of the parts that I have purchased so far. I have assembled everything, I powered everything on although I have no graphics card to make sure everything is okay all of the fans turn on it goes...
  15. D

    Question Why is my prebuild pc not working properly

    So i have bought myself a prebuild gaming pc from predator i was gaming normally for the first month but now when i game over longer time it starts dropping fps or i dont know but like it felt like everything was going in slow motion and skipping frame I have a cpu temperature after like 3 hours...
  16. T

    Question New gaming PC build.

    I am finally in a position to put some money aside and really get into building myself a good gaming PC. I was wondering if I could get some help into really tackling and putting together a build that can do what I want. What I am looking for is a PC that is able to tackle some big named games...
  17. M

    Question Can a graphics card affect the hz of a high hz gaming monitor (144hz, etc.)?

    I recently got a new gaming monitor in which the hz would drop to levels of around ~70 at times while playing games. The monitor has G-Sync built in (not the compatible version) and my graphics card can be seen here. From searching online, it seems that everyone points to the idea that the...
  18. prash1410

    Question Help, PC randomly not POSTing !

    I built my first gaming PC last week and I'm having a rather weird issue with it. About 4/10 times the PC would normally start and boot into windows upon powering on and other times it just won't POST! The only peculiar thing which I've noticed when it won't POST is HDD indicator (on the case)...
  19. M

    Question Wich system shoud i buy?

    Hi there! First, sorry if my english is not on point! I wanted to build a new gaming pc but since there is a shortage in GPU and AMD CPU (at least where i live) i decided to look into pre-built system and i came across two system that look interesting. Here are the spec: Brand: Armoury AMD...
  20. tkobylecky

    Question HELP- Display Signal shuts off when I install GTX 1050ti to my HP Elite SFF 8200 PC ?

    I have a hp elite sff 8200 with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd running windows 10. I tried to install the gtx 1050ti. But every time I boot up with the 1050ti installed and hooked up to my monitor, I get no video signal at all. Also if I plug in the card while the pc is running, it immediately shuts off...