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  1. J

    Question Video Editing/Gaming PC/Workstation

    Fellas, Lady Fellas: I'm looking to build a solid video editing/gaming pc, and everyday life. My editing software is adobe premiere pro. I'd like to make it as upgradable as possible. My budget is around $1200 USD, but I'd consider saving more if totally necessary. $1200 is a start and I'd...
  2. Mortem420

    Question Need help selecting Intel CPU for new gaming rig

    I have recently purchased a GTX 1660 Ti and after swapping out my old 750 Ti I didn't get the performance boost i was hoping for, however I am fairly certain that is because I'm currently running a Core 2 Extreme QX9650. It's OC's to 3.8 GHz but i don't think clock speeds are a problem, I think...
  3. ZenWolf

    Question Weird RAM issue with my rig. Need insight

    First off, if this is the wrong section to post in, im sorry. Just let me know and I'll go post there. Secondly, PC specs. Because that's the first thing people usually need right? Its a Dell XPS Studio 410 base. Basic Dell Mobo, with an intel I7 920 Quad core. 2.67 Ghz 430W PSU. Stock one with...
  4. T

    Build Advice Build Gaming & OC [2500-3000€] [QHD] + Monitor

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to change completely my pc in the next month. I mainly play FPS games and I have a budget approximatively of 2500-3000€. I will also perform a moderated OC and I think I will keep it as longer as I can. I selected to build and eventually some substitute for each...
  5. M

    Build Advice First PC build, would appreciate some help, thank you. As title mentioned, this is my first PC build, I'm frankly not 100% sure what I'm doing. If anyone could perhaps tweak this or point out any obvious, dumb mistakes I made (as I'm sure there are) I'd very much appreciate it! I'd like to generally stick in...
  6. H

    Question 3000$ GAMING PC

    I Want to build 3000 USD $ Gaming PC . I need it for streaming , Gaming , pen testing and coding.
  7. ilego

    Question Questions regarding my Build/setup (first time) Is there any way I make this cheaper without sacrificing its effectiveness? (Sorry if poor word choice) PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8 GHz 6-Core Processor ($201.99 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus - ROG MAXIMUS...
  8. W

    Question New PC Build Not Displaying Video

    Just bought new PC parts for a gaming build. I put it all together, and I turned it on but I'm getting no display. There are no postcode beeps. I have lights on my MoBo, lights on my RAM, my water cooler fans are spinning, my case lights are on. My graphics card however does not have lights or...
  9. B

    Question RX580 Goes black after launching game

    I just got a new PC which has the 4GB RX580. It seems to turn black if I launch a game at 1080p fullscreen. However, if I can launch the game at any lower resolution it works. Once I go fullscreen it dies and I can only hear the audio from the game but no video. Any suggestions?
  10. K

    Question I am planing on building my own Gaming PC I don''t know what good Motherboard and GPU I should get.

    CPU : AMD Rysen 2600 Case: AeroCool PGS Aero Series Aero300 Black FAW Black 0.45mm ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Power: COUGAR VTX500 500W ATX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Power Supply RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) For GPU I was thinking of...
  11. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] What do you think of my proposed new build? Check out this new build. Keeping all other parts in rig. SEE RIG BELOW... CM HAF X case. 240mm side fan, 200mm front fan and 140mm front fan and rgb red and intake fans. custom loop 480mm and 360mm rads with external 480 in push pull ----8 fans...
  12. G

    Question Opinion for gaming pc 2019

    As the title says I want to build a gaming pc since the one I am using at the moment is getting really outdated My budget is around 500-600 euro . I have already 2 builds in my mind but I just wanted to ask your opinion , I am just not sure if I want to invest more on GPU or CPU . I play a big...
  13. Bryyce

    [SOLVED] What needs to be upgraded on my PC

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my computer so it can run games quicker and be good for Graphic Design. I will list out my build below, I don't want to upgrade my entire PC yet but I want to see what needs to be upgraded the most. My PC: CPU: AMD Fx-8350 clocked @4.2 Cooler: H100i v2 Mobo: MSI...
  14. oliver.kausland

    [SOLVED] Good gaming pc?

    Hi, I was wondering if these components would be any good for gaming and what I could expect in modern games like Overwatch, Fortnite, Gta etc... Specs: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P Amd fx-8350 500w 8gb ddr3 gtx960 1tb hdd And also if there is anything I could change. (I already have the ramand gtx 960)
  15. T

    Shouldn't my pc build be able to run anything on max settings 4k resolution and get over 60fps???

    This is what i've got going on in my rig. Shouldn't I be getting crazy good fps at 4k? Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 @ 3.70GHz 28 °C Coffee Lake 14nm Technology RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown (16-16-16-39) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING (LGA1151) 24 °C...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] 1400$ Portable PC Build (Looking for Recommendations)

    Looking to build a portable gaming PC since I am heading to University in fall. I have a budget of 1400$. Any recommendations or insight? I don't need a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. Games I would likely be playing on the build: Hearts of Iron IV Europa Universalis IV Imperator Rome Overwatch...
  17. IssaMattz

    [SOLVED] What's the best pc build or prebuilt pc I can get for $500-700?

    I'm looking for high performance for low price. Doesn't matter Nvidia or AMD but right now AMD is selling 8 gb vram RX 580 for the same price as a GTX 1060 2gb vram.
  18. King4bood

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my Dell Optiplex 990 or Get A new Pc

    I am trying to play Apex and Fortnite but my PC (I7 2600,4gb ram no graphics card) cannot run FORTNITE or APEX at low settings with the lowest resolution so I thought of Buying these to upgrade it: Seagate 500gb SSHD, Kingston 4gb DDR3 HyperX FURY, Thermaltake Litepower 550W power supply, and...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] 2 possible budgets on a building a pc, can anyone help?

    So, I'm currently planning to build a pc from basically scratch as my laptop just isn't cutting it atm. First some info on the build... There are 2 possible budgets I'm trying to work around (higher budget is still a maybe at this point in time, which is why I was hoping someone would offer me...
  20. Todd Littleton

    Question Need friendly people to help guide me to my future PC :)

    Hello, and thank you if you clicked this link! my friend recently pointed me towards this site as I'm currently looking for a pre-made build and was told this community is just full of nice and very PC knowledgeable people. My problem is researching for a decent gaming PC is hard as most reviews...