Info Three new "Silent Hill" games announced by KONAMI. Revives & expands the SILENT HILL franchise.

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Have you played the original SILENT HILL PC game, or any of the previous titles in this franchise ? If you are a fan of psychological survival HORROR games, then the 'Silent Hill' series might be in your gaming catalogue.

Anyway, Konami officially revealed three new games in the Silent Hill series in a special event today: "Silent Hill: Ascension", "Silent Hill: Townfall" and "Silent Hill: f." This is in addition to the remake of Silent Hill 2 it also announced, as well as a new movie.

We don’t yet know the release dates of any of the games (except Ascension).

Townfall comes from Annapurna Interactive and No Code, a Glasgow studio known for strong narrative skills and horror world-building in titles like Observation and Stories Untold. The short teaser for Townfall features an old-school pocket television clipping through tense conversations and disturbing scenes, and it looks to be the most traditional Silent Hill game of the trio.

The trailer flashes brief glimpses of images, no doubt to stir the hunger of longtime fans. A voice describes being “in this place and being judged by these … people.” The only image I was able to discern appeared to be the hallway from Silent Hills’ playable teaser.


The second trailer was for Ascension. It shows several people texting each other, wanting to save a specific person, as well as a large enemy wielding a melee weapon. Several teams are working on it, including Behaviour Interactive, Genvid and Bad Robot Games.

According to the developers, it’ll be a story-driven game that “blend community, live storytelling and activity.” Players are allowed to make decisions that cannot be undone. It’s got a tentative launch window of 2023. Ascension is the least game-like installment here, but it comes with a big name attached: JJ Abrams.


And then there's Silent Hill f, a game that sounds like an exciting departure for the series. It's coming from Ryūkishi07, a creator known for crafting acclaimed visual novels with psychological horror and supernatural mysteries at their core.

The teaser for f is gorgeous and gruesome, featuring a young woman as she's consumed from the inside-out by the tentacles of a flesh-eating plant. A YouTube description for the teaser says the game is "set in 1960s Japan featuring a beautiful, yet horrifying world." The video only gets bloodier as it goes, so dip out early if it's making you squirm — or lean in and get a good look, you lovely freak. There's no word yet on a release date or platforms for f.





Speaking of Silent Hill 2 REMAKE, Konami has released the first gameplay trailer. The publisher has also confirmed that the game is being developed by Bloober Team, and that it will be using Unreal Engine, and its Lumen and Nanite technologies.

Bloober is also rebuilding the combat system and certain set-pieces, Konami said, “among other things”, such as rebuilt cut-scenes using motion capture sessions. Mateusz Lenart, the creative director behind Bloober’s The Medium and Blair Witch, will lead the Silent Hill 2 project.

Bloober said it intends to recreate everything that made the original game a classic, and to add new elements to make the game world more immersive.

“Silent Hill 2 is a cult classic, and it’s widely recognized as one of the best games ever made,” Lenart said. “We want Silent Hill 2 to make the same strong impression today that the original game did 21 years ago." “While we want to achieve the same end result, players’ expectations evolve over time, and certain things need to be modernized to have the same or similar effect. For example, that’s why we went with the over- the-shoulder camera so we can immerse the players into the game world as much as possible.”

Art director Masahiro Ito said he was first approached to work on the remake three years ago. Konami has confirmed that the game will be also coming to PC. And, after twelve months, the game will hit other platforms (most likely Xbox Series X).

In other words, the game will release simultaneously on PC and PS5. This first official trailer showcases the game’s graphics. And, as you will see, it looks really incredible. There is currently no ETA on when Silent Hill 2 Remake will come out.




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