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You know I was thinking that same thing

*sifting through Google images,
/modo would appreciate the cable work on this rig,
/lets add that image to the post! :lol:

Sure thing mate - he resides on OCN. You should see the clubs they have there. Most are just insane people - meaning friendly OCD'ers :p

I'm overly cautious passing off my advice's on platters - last time the platter was thrown back at me :lol:

@ Pgooch - I'll post some advice's for you on your thread. Keep this thread as kaleeean as possible.



Touch of dust to give that "I'm used feeling"... and the stray SATA cable giving that proverbial "wink, wink". :)

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That's a brilliant attempt - with a vanilla setup :) If memory serve's me right that's your daughters machine right?

Very nicely done - though the case will need some loving to get those cables somewhat out of the picture.

*I apologize for not including the thread openers examples :)

Side note - love your X79 rig with its Blue black+white theme!


Sep 14, 2012
so i sold my previous rig and build a new budget pc duo to a Financial problems.

Specs :

CPU : I3 3220 Ivy Bridge.
Motherboard : Gigabyte Z77X-D3H.
Ram : 8GB ( 2 x 4 ) 1600mhz CL9.
HDD : western digital 1tb.
GPU : XFX 9600 GSO 1.5GB Far cry 2 Edition. " GTX 660" Soon.
PSU : XFX 550W Pro Edition 80 plus Bronze.
Case : Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Snow Edition.

Cpu-amd 965 and 5ghz
Mobo-Asrock Extreme 3
Gpu-Gtx 460 2Win
Case-nzxt 410

I really did not like the airflow of this case did a few quick mods with a drill. Sorry im not that great at modding. Has dropped my temps greatly. Had to remove hdd cages and optical bays for this to work.



Jun 30, 2011

Yup I officially really suck at cable management, I could really use some custom length cords to help me out but there is just no end in site for me with all the stuff I have hooked, major kudos to you guys on here your internals are awesome. I envy you guys. :(

Which part is 95% let me know So I can correct these issues. This case is only a temp untill I can get the Azza hurricane 2000.

Ya the weird twist i cannot change that.

the small ness thats sadly the best place for it.

there are a few people that have gotten it to 5.2 stable on rasa kits.

my idle temp is 50 load is 65 max is 70 for this chip

I can tell you right now its somehow stable pc has been on running programs for 2 weeks straight. It only a matter of time before the chip litterly gives out. I have noticed some weird things the capacitors on the motherboard some time have a moist liquid on them. I know thats not good lol.
I'd like a Pm on your settings lol,
my 975BE 'only' boots Windows at 4.612GHz with all my fingers and toes crossed,
5.2 on a Rasa kit? what size rad are they using and is the loop filled with LN2?
/Doubting frown face
Bios rarely lies but what do HWinfo or Cpu-z say you're running at?


Sep 24, 2012
Here's my Sig rig. It's (clearly) a black/red themed affair, a timeless (some might say overused -- but let's stick with timeless) colour combination for gaming machines. I took some photos of it earlier today with a friend as we agreed it would be a pretty interesting subject for his photography skills. The stuff I've uploaded so far has been pretty unprocessed (they haven't even been cropped!), hopefully I'll have some cool looking HDR shots at some point though once I have time (or he does) to put the together. Unfortunately some shots are unusable since we didn't have a tripod at the start. I apologise for the size of the photos, if you have a smaller than 1080p screen :p Enjoy!

This is it running with LEDs (I have 2 Megaflows and a lightstrip) off, which I control using a switch I installed in place of the Firewire port on the front panel. It's completely independant of the fan speed or anything like that. It's great for watching movies with the lights out, or if I need to crack down for some serious work. If anyone wants guidance on how I did this or any of my small mods (none require power tools or anything expensive really -- the two things I have that might be a little odd are a soldering iron and tin snips). I realise that cable tie on the graphics looks quite ugly currently, I only just installed it as we both agreed that my new GTX 670 looked a little saggy when we opened up the case. If anyone has advice on the best way to stealth it/find a replacement I would be very pleased. At the moment my idea is to sleeve it somehow.

This is a closer shot of the internals while it was off.

This is the only shot that didn't look too overexposed with the LEDs on, having not done any processing to the images. If you look closely you can also see the red LEDs I installed in the power button and the HDD LED.

This is so you can see what the drive looks like closed (also what a mess my room is...)

And to round it off this is currently my fave photo of the set!

I know it's quite a few photos, I just want a little bit of appreciation, and more importantly some good feedback :). I'll probably upload a couple more to flickr when I get the chance.



Jun 30, 2011

I did Mr MOTO and sadly thats the best I can do, my biggest issue is with length of the cable as well as I have a boat load of stuff hooked up, fpr instance, the white cord of the card reader cable , I can't do anything with it but run it inside the case because it is to short, there are also 7 case fans which add to a lot of wiring and 1 rope light and another lazer light, I tried running the fan controller with this and these to lights and wound up with some kind of bad ground where I would get shocked if I touched my case, when I when I put these on a separate c these on different leads from the power supply this took care of the shock I was getting from the case, and then there are the 2 blue ray drives and 3 hard drives that add a lot of cabling to the case I am at a loss as to what to do, any suggestions. I don't want to take anything out really.