Question Tried to install new ram, computer now stuck in an endless reboot cycle.

Dec 25, 2022
As the title says I bought new ram today going from 16gb ddr4 to 32gb ddr4. I’ve had this computer for about a year and have had basically no problems to this point, especially none that have caused it to be unable to boot. I changed the current ram for the new ram (I made sure to switch off the power supply and unplug it) and when I tried to boot it the lights and fans will come on for about 30 seconds, but then will turn off for 5 and repeat. Hitting the power button does nothing at this point and the only way to stop it is to switch off the power supply. I figured it was most likely a problem with the new ram so I tried to install the old ram again and same deal. I made sure they went back in the same slots they worked in and made sure they were seated correctly. I don’t think it could be an issue with my other hardware as all that was changed was the ram and nothing else has given me trouble to this point. Any ideas of what to do next?