Question Triple Monitor Recommendations ?

May 15, 2023
I am currently using a Samsung Odyssey ultra wide gaming monitor. However this is does not currently suit the needs I have when it comes to streaming, gaming and other multitasking. Even when using programmes such as Display Fusion.

So I want to ask if anyone can recommend a good gaming monitor specs roughly as below. Any suggestions will be welcome as I seem to have been lost in the monitor maze of internet searches. I play various games ranging from World of Warcraft to Escape from Tarkov.

Narrow bezel (Ideally)
Vertical orientation available
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On vertical orientation, most monitors will have a VESA mount capability that will allow a wall mount or other vertical mount options.
A standard 27" monitor will not have a stand tall enough to allow 90 degree rotation.

What are the needs that are not currently present on your current monitor?
May 15, 2023
Yes sorry I should have included that in my original post this will be intended for a wall mount or triple monitor desk mount setup.

With my current setup I have issues, when it comes to streaming and multitasking it means sacrificing the ability to put my games into fullscreen mode. Which in a lot of cases really detracts from the games overall experience. it also causes alot of issues when it comes to actually setting up my stream as even if I want to stream a game on a fullscreen setting it will either mean I have to have black bars or stream will show it zoomed in on a specific section.

So I want the triple monitor so my central monitor will be purely gameplay then my right monitor for applications such as music/my stream settings and then the left monitor for stream chat and or web browsing whilst in game.
What is the model of your Odyssey monitor?
Are you happy with it as a gaming monitor?
If so, plan on keeping it . It likely has a vesa 100 x 100 mount capability if you need it.
Otherwise buy what you want for gaming.

For the side application monitors, you do not need the expense of high performance.

Having the ability to wall mount is wonderful.
It clears up your desk space.
I have done this for some time using ergotron mounts.
They are expensive but very high quality.
The mount needs to be matched to the weight of the monitor.
That is so the lift mechanism will be balanced.
My current setup has a 48" LG oled TV on the desk and a 27" 4k LG wall mounted with a MX arm that has the unit rotated 90 degrees and angled towards the center.
As a curiosity, the 90 degree monitor is selected to display the bios boot image, making it hard to navigate.
On the rare occasions that I need to work with the bios, LI just pull it forward a bit and rotate it so my cursor movements are normal.
May 15, 2023
Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49" is the monitor I currently have and in fullscreen as a gaming monitor is it I have loved it really immersive. I have it mounted on my wall already on a vesa mount. But when I bought it I was under the impression that with software I could get it to emulate a triple monitor setup, while being able to still have the single monitor when I really wanted to have the full widescreen experience. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations in terms of the stream set up.

But I will be keeping it yes as I am currently in the process of building a new gaming room and I am going to have this monitor as a monitor for my consoles. Then have a triple monitor set up for my desktop.

But thank you very much for the input :)