Was browsing the web... then some pop under ad appeared.
Pop under was trying to open Adobe Acrobat for some reason, was like WTF and terminated the process (I have BlackICE defender application protection, it automatically alerts you when an unknown app. tries to run).

Then a file called unwise_.exe tries to open itself, located in the c:\windows\fonts folder. WTF again, terminated it.

Forgot about it for a few hours, then BlackICE firewall started going off like crazy. Checked Task Manager, and noticed several instances of cmd.exe and ftp.exe running.

Crap... somehow got a trojan. The thing is, I dont run any executable files from "shady" sources, just download some PDF files at most. So it was probably a vulnerability in Acrobat or FireFox that allowed the trojan to install.
sombody tell me wat to do???