Troubleshooting, PC not booting up


Dec 8, 2010
Motherboard fails to power any devices when attached to power supply.(cpu fan, hard drive, case fans, ect ect.) Motherboard displays green light as if it were getting power, however nothing is powered. Power supply seems to be working when not connected to this motherboard. The power supply was tested via paperclip method. The power supply fan starts during the test as normal. When the PSU is connected to the motherboard, the fan fails to start. Removed the Mobo from the case to prevent any metal on metal and still same results, all connectors are in correct positions I am at a complete loss. Any help would be nice. TY
PSU - Corsair 850w TXW
MoBo- Asus Sabertooth X58


Welcome, Newcomer. The reason why the paper clip test is an unconventional and unreliable test is because the results give you false positives. You see, the PSU works in two ways:

1. Takes in AC and then converts it to DC; and
2. Distributes DC where needed

With paperclip test you've only proved that the first job is done. The effective ways to troubleshoot a PSU are:

1. Use a multimeter to check the voltages off of the P1 connector while it is connected to the motherboard; and
2. Swap out the questionable PSU with a known good-working PSU. A brand new, out of the box isn't a known good-working PSU, as it could be defective on arrival.

A distant third method of testing is to just hook up the essentials (CPU, Heatsink and fan - plugged in). Try powering up your system. Does the heatsink fan spin?


Jul 1, 2007
Agree with T-T, sounds like the power good is not functioning , anyhow Corsair will replace real quick like,I don't suppose, that you have another system that you can test the psu on ???... :)

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