unable to access the volume tab in 'Sound and Audio Device..



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hi all,

for the above problem, i'm not sure how did it happen...originally, i
have a volume control icon at my system tray...then, all of the sudden,
the icon shows a "mute" status...i tried to unmute it by
double-clicking the icon to access the volume control...nothing
happened...i went to Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices...also,
nothing happened...i thought that this applet (mmsys.cpl) in
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 was corrupted, so i tried to run it from other
folder containing that file (C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 and
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dllcache) but still, nothing happened...at this
point, i don't think that all 3 files were corrupted...the only way to
control the volume , and to mute/unmute is by using the Creative
Surround Mixer (i have an Audigy sound card),which work
flawlessly...The wierd part is, even i unmute from here, the volume
icon at the system tray still shown as 'mute'..but i can still hear all
the sounds and songs...
Then, I've discovered that in AudioHQ (also from Creative software),
under the View>Multimedia Propertis, I CAN actually access the 'Sound
and Audio Devices' applet...this will open the 'Audio' tab...other tabs
like 'Sound', 'Voice' and 'Hardware' is also accessible from here, BUT,
when opening the 'Volume' tab, it hangs...i could't access this applet
any longer...the only way to close it is to end the process
(rundll32.exe) in the task manager...
That's why i conclude that the volume tab in the applet is
problematic...i'm not sure if this ever happens to you guys...i would
be grateful if you know or could suggest some solutions...it seems that
this problem is truely wierd...

Thanks in advance...


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

Just in case this helps you a bit: I've concluded that there are two
"logical representations" of the volume control icon, and that at any
given time, you see the one that is associated with the active sound

I have an on-board sound card, but I normally use my Audigy 2 Notebook
PCMCIA card. If I remove the Audigy, I get a volume control that is
muted, if I muted it the last time I used the AC97 on-board device.

Creative have published a bunch of updates for my Audigy earlier this
year. It may be worthwhile to have a a look if you haven't already done

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