Question unplayable input lag that appeared out of nowhere with i7 12700k, xcalibur 4000mhz, 1060 3gb, 144 hz (oc to 170hz since 2 years)

Jul 20, 2022
hello, I need help with this problem that is very, very rare

3 weeks ago I bought an i7 12700k, a z690 gigabyte gaming x ddr4 and an asus rog lc 360 watercooler,

the rest of my pc are rams 2x8gb t force xcalibur 4000mhz, a 1060 3gb and the monitor is an aoc 144 overclocked at 170hz since 2 years

everything worked great, smooth and fast for 3 weeks, and out of nowhere, without touching anything in hardware/software, I started getting really bizarre input lag, like I'm playing at 75hz and not 170hz, when I play and spin the mouse, the movement is totally slow, it is impossible to aim in any game (I have tried with 2 different mice, superlight gp ro and zowie za13), the strangest thing is that the FPS remains at a very good level (csgo, valorant, overwatch) but the fluidity in all games is really slow, as if I were playing on a 60hz monitor

So far, I only know that the causes are not:

video card (tried to play with the integrated graphics of the i7 12700k and still with the same input)

ssd: try 3 different drives

internet: I have tried playing some of these games with the internet off, but my input lag situation has not changed at all

windows: try install multiple versions of windows

I don't know if this is enough (RAM) but I have tested them with memtest86 for 30 minutes and it hasn't given me any errors


Regarding the overclock of my monitor, logically I have removed it to see if it improved, but the input lag continued, however I do not rule out that the monitor has deteriorated due to being overclocked for 2 years

for my processor, I have had it running for those 3 weeks at 4.7ghz and 4.0ghz (ecores) with 1.32 voltage and load line calibration in extreme mode, vccsa in auto, temperatures have never exceeded 60 degrees and its "power usage" I never exceed 60W, maybe these configurations deteriorated my processor and this is the cause of my problem? I do not know what to think

I have updated my bios to the latest version to see if it changed my situation, I tried with the default values but it continued with input lag, then I put my old configuration and it improved my situation with the input lag but very little, I still have a great input lag

If necessary I can leave a video/images of my current configuration in bios.

I don't really know what could be the problem, processor? motherboard? my monitor? something else? I really need help, thanks for taking the time to read