Dec 31, 2007
Hello, It's that time again when I am considering replacing components inside my PC.
Current spec is Enermax 650AWT PSU. Silverstone LaScala lc20 case, ecs 650 slit-A mobo, Core 2 E6600, akasa Nero V2 cooler, 2 gigs of geil and a GTX295 plus the usual drives. I know the GTX295 is currently bottlenecked by the E6600 and I am considering sandybridge.

The uses the PC is put to is in the main web browsing (I know, a bit of a waste really) playing music, converting files between different formats, and sometimes playing games. I usually run a dual boot winxp/win 7 and the main reason for this is the older games which I like to dig out on occasion.
The problems I am having with deciding what to do revolve around the choice of motherboard...although I can put a PC together just fine it's been a while since I checked out what was what in the motherboard world, and as such have no real idea of the differences between for example the P67 and Z68 boards and because of that what would be most useful to me.
Longer term I would probably buy some new harddrives, currently I have a samsung 128GB ssd which is a couple of years old now and a spinpoint F3 1TB plus a backup and storage usb harddrive.
The other problem I have is with my case, with the cpu cooler fitted I cant shut the lid....there aint a lot of room above the CPU in this desktop HTPC case...and I cant really change the case as it sits in a racking system and is the right size for it. It's all connected up to my AV amplifier and LCD tv, so I need to fit an efficient CPU cooler for probably an overclocked 2500k...I don't know whether there is a easy fit solution or if I will have to bite the bullet and cut a hole in the lid to enable me to mount a liquid cooling radiator and fan...

Whats your thoughts?


The difference between the P67 and Z68 really isn't much. The Z68 just allows for SSD caching (useful for small SSD; your SSD is quite large though). If you do consider SB, I would recommend this:

MoBo (it's Z68, but it's extremely cheap for one and well built):

I am not sure why your CPU cooler doesn't fit (I believe it has a clearance of 135mm based on Silverstone's product page). If it just doesn't, I believe these two will: