Mar 6, 2010
Sorry first post was bad I will try again.

1. I have a pc that I built about 2yrs ago. xp4800 cpu, ati 2600xt cpu and ddr2 ram, win xp. Just consider that I'm starting new Just that I have the basics like case and 650 watt power suppy( only 1yr old)
2. I do game but not at a high res. 22'lcd and right now I'm viewing at 1280 x 768 and I don't set games much high. Do some photo but not huge so quad core will help I think

3. I was thinking about amd because all three computers I have done over the years have been that and ati cards just works for me.

4. I will move to windows 7 but don't no if 64 bit or 32 bit ?

5. I would like to keep my cost under $600 if I can but i will need win 7 oem, cpu ,mb,ram, and gpu. Which way would be the best way for the money the big ? is cpu and gpu. Most test show games at high settings but I have never played more than 1680 x 1050. The 5770 seems a good price range along with the 955 or 945 amd. but i could go up or down on cpu or gpu.

6. Thanks for any help and sorry about long post.
A 5770 and 955 are a bit high for your price range I think. But I will do the calculations and list the parts I recommend:

Windows 7 home edition 64-bit: 64-bit because 32 bit is going the way of 16 bit. Also, 32-bit will not support more than 4GB of memory.

CPU: Athlon IIx3 3GHz. Because you don't need anything more:

Motherboard: 785G chipset. Asus: because I trust Asus and amd chipsets. I've had bad experiences with the 8xxx series of nvidia chipsets

Memory: muskin 4GB: because 4GB is all you need today and 2x2GB leaves 2 slots available for future upgrade. DDR3 provides the best future price for upgrade and mushkin really is the most reliable memory brand:

Hard drive: 500GB samsung F3: I have not owned one personally (due to the lack of availability in Canada), but I have only heard praise, never criticism. apparently quiet and faster than the WD black:

That leaves about $170 after mail in rebates and before shipping. I have two recommendations for video card:
both are XFX brand. This brand has a double lifetime warranty. Even if you sell it, the warranty will still apply to it and the warranty is forever. For both ratings, I am referring to "let you play" as "let you play at over 60fps for most of the game"

1. Push to your budget with the 5770 1GB. The card will let you play virtually all current games at the native resolution of your monitor:

2. the 5670 512MB: wont be able to play GTA4 due to the 512MB. other than that, it performs better than a 3870 and can play most games at 1920x1080 without AA and some with lowered details. The advantage is the lower power consumption and you save some money.

I'd just get the 5770 if it were me.

Good luck on your build and let me know if you have any more questions or want any help :)