Upgrading from 460 (768mb vram) to Radeon 7850?


Jul 28, 2012
Title says it all, upgrading from gigabyte gtx 460 (768mb vram) to radeon 7850. what I'm posting here to ask question is because two different brands I cannot choose between those two and that people said to avoid Gigabyte as they have fan problem/loud issues and such when Sapphire is very quiet, good fans etc. Also to note, gigabyte have 975mhz of core clock (overclocked) of course when sapphire only have 920mhz core clock (overclocked) so which one out of those two brands are recommended/preferable?

Now, you might say "Don't get Radeon 7850" blah blah, well I'm on a budget ($300 AUD) to buy a new GPU so I don't want to buy a high end gpu that is on the market that cost to much, and I want at least 2gb vram please to run any games including battlefield 3 on ultra settings at 27inch 1080p with no problems.

I can get any graphics card with my PSU as it have plenty wattage, I got Enermax Revolution85+ 1250w and when it get to 50% load, it will peak at 1,500w so yeah.

Yes I have never been with ATi/AMD radeon card but I think it time to try them out as AMD bought out ATi and the things is that AMD might have made the GPU better then what we see in the past so please be honest and don't be a hater/fanboy to one of each (AMD vs NVIDIA). NVIDIA don't have any video card I want at 2GB under $300 AUD. Please help guys.

El Tigre

Jul 10, 2012
The HD 7850 is a good GPU for AMD's side of the fence at that price point. Either brand is good and the newer Gigabyte cards have improved, but I have heard that they can be buggy at times. The Sapphire will fit your needs fine and they do OC nicely too. If you want to save a bit more money and have equal performance in BF3 on Ultra, the GTX 480 is a good alternative. Even though it has 1.5GB VRAM, it's still more than enough for BF3 at 1080p.

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