Question USB Device Over Current Status Detected! 15 Seconds Shut Down

Jun 18, 2022
Hi, My name is Ohi. Some days ago, I've seen a problem with my PC. That is USB Device Over CurrenUSB Power Surget Status Detected, System will shut down after 15 seconds. And now the system will not open totally.
I have tried-
  1. I clean the PC but doesn't open the Motherboard.
  2. I watch some Youtube videos and update the USB driver but doesn't work.
  3. I update the BIOS but doesn't work.
  4. I change the CMOS battery but doesn't work
  5. I plug out all USB cables but not working. (Note: I use only a Normal Logitech Keyboard and Razor Viper Mini Mouse)
That's it...
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (RX Vega 11) 3.6 GHz Core 4
Motherboard: Asus Prime B450M-A
RAM: Team Delta R 8GB 2400MHz RGB (Lifetime)
HDD: Western Digital 1TB
SSD: Transcend NVMe M.2 SSD 256GB
PSU: Antec VP500 Plus EC 80 Plus Certified
Extra Fan: Antec Spark 120 RGB Chassis: Gamdias Talos E1

Attach all the images and videos.

Please someone help me. I'm from a Rural area that's why it's a little bit hard to go to the city and solution it with a technician.

Thanks, everyone.❤


Only two wired USB devices: keyboard and mouse - correct?

How old is that Antec PSU? History of heavy use for gaming, video editing, bit mining? Original PSU, new, refurbished, used?

Do you have another known working keyboard and mouse to test on your PC?

Are you able to test your keyboard and mouse on another known working PC?

Determine if the shutdown problem follows the keyboard and mouse or stays with your PC.
look for a usb port that is broken and causing a short circuit.
Sometimes the usb internal plastic connector breaks.
you can use this tool to check the status of the ports.

other causes would be an usb device that is charging a battery can draw too much power and cause the port to shutdown.

sometimes you can go into bios and disable USB ports that are not working. or on some motherboards you can unplug the usb header from the motherboard and disable some of the ports.

I just looked at the video. The over current was detected in bios so you will want to put your mouse and keyboard on a usb that is connected directly to the main board. if you just built the machine you would disconnect all of the usb headers in the machine and reconnect them and make sure pin 1 is connected to pin 1 of each header.
since the fault is in a hub you should disconnect the hub or disable it if you can. then check the cables and connections are proper. I have seen people insert cables on motherboards onto the wrong header pins.
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