Question Using a Separate Mic from Headset Mic

Aug 11, 2019
I broke my headset splitter a few months back, and I have a lapel mic that I would prefer to use anyways for a better quality when I make small voice recordings. However, when I try to use my headset with the lapel mic, all I get is a static mess and no external audio recording. The static appears more like electrical static, like putting a headset to a battery. I'm fairly certain it's an issue with using the headset and lapel mic together because I have an old headset that's not a single cord which played audio and recorded my voice without static.

To be 100% honest though, I'm really confused, and think there may be more wrong than I'm currently aware of, but I know everything works separately. The lapel mic works on my Surface and phone. The new headset works on my Surface

There are no driver updates available and I'm unable to roll back drivers. I tried the built-in troubleshooter, front panel and back panel connectors. I'm fairly certain my audio chip is realtek as I have no dedicated audio card. Though, in my research, I came across people saying rolling back from realtek drivers to Microsoft drivers fixes a static problem, but all my drivers were Microsoft drivers
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