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  1. R

    Question Which Wireless Gaming Headset Should I Buy?

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently looking for a wireless gaming headset for gaming and a bit of music listening. My maximum budget is $250 Have come down to these options: Steelseries Arctis 7 HyperX cloud flight HyperX cloud flight S Razer Thresher Which one do you recommend? and do you have any...
  2. R

    Question My microphone does not work

    I just had my Arctis 1 headset delivered plugged it all in downloaded and opened the steelseries engine, went to do the mic test annd nothing. I really need some advice and no the mic is not muted .
  3. G

    A new headset that's better than G633

    Hi all, So my G633 mic broke and i have to either fix it myself or buy a new headset. I thought I would buy a new one because while G633 is great in sound quality the build felt very cheap and was very uncomfortable, too tough and keeps making a squeaky sound. I found great deals below £100 but...
  4. onestardino

    Question Headset jack isn't working can't plug in all the way NZXT H510

    Hello, so I recently built my computer and I'm ready to game, but unfortunately when I try to plug my headsets in, none of them would go all the way in the front panel headset jack and only about 3/4 of it goes in. If I try to push it further it just doesn't work. Obvious not being plugged in...
  5. U

    Question Headset connected to Display Audio

    Hi everyone. I have a monitor with 3.5mm audio input and the monitor is connected to my laptop. My question is this: When I plug in the headset (I consider to buy one) to the display audio input (or output I don't know) of the monitor, will it affect the sound quality of the headset? My laptop...
  6. Yubix

    Question HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 issues

    idk where to post this so im just gonna post it here ive posted this on the hyperx subreddit, no answers, so hopefully i can get some here i got the hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1 recently and in the first hours of use i already ran into two problems 1. when i was gaming and in a call with my...
  7. Question Headset mic not working when plugged in to the front of desktop panel

    Hi all, I have a non-USB headset (separate jacks for audio and mic) which works absolutely fine with I boot up my PC with both audio and mic lines are plugged into my front desktop panel. In this scenario everything works fine. However - if the mic jack is not plugged in at the time of...
  8. H

    Question Logitech g933 or Hyperx cloud II?

    As the title says: "Logitech g933 or Hyperx cloud II?" Which one do you guys recommend? and Why?
  9. D

    Question Which headset is better?

    I’m in need of a headset and don’t know whether to buy the Redragon Zeus or the HyperX Stinger. Please give me a reason why or why not to buy. Or should I just save and buy something like the logitech G Pro headset? how is the sound in each and the mic and what is what compatible with (e.g pc...
  10. D

    Question Headset plays stereo with 3.5 mm cable and usb cable together, but without usb cable sounds mono and glitches alot

    So I've got this bluetooth headset that was fairly pricy for me, and at first glance it looked good. I tried bluetooth on it on the phone, seemed to work fine no problem there. I plugged it into my pc and it worked but sometimes the right side stops working and you have to adjust the cable a bit...
  11. V

    Question Help! Gaming headset? Astro a50 or Razer Thresher?

    So, i am looking for a gaming head set (mainly for my xbox) and found a great deal on a Razer Thresher and Astro a50. Either way cost aside what is the best gaming headset as far as Sound stage and then also sound quality that i can get for xbox one? also any feed back on comparing these 2...
  12. A

    Question Better options to listen to your voice without delay

    What I have is a Corsair Virtuoso, it does have its own microphone but I want to use a better quality microphone. I have the Samson G Track Pro as what I use when I stream, however I cannot hear myself speak, I have tried using the voice device on my sound control panel but it has a terrible...
  13. Smerix101

    Question Corsair HS50 headset ear pad has fallen off

    I have had my Hs50 headset for over 2 years now. It's mic and sound quality are still great, but recently my left ear pad has fallen off. The right one is starting to come off slowly. I have looked around for tutorials on putting it back in, but I couldn't find anything. If someone knows how to...
  14. inakis

    Question Headset not recognized by W10. Sound yes, mic nope.

    Hi, I have bought a Razer Kraken X Lite, which connects by 3.5mm jack. I have connected them to the laptop, an Asus GL553VD and it only recognizes the earpiece, but the device manager cant recognize the microphone. When I connect anything to the jack, Realtek's sound manager directly sets it up...
  15. L

    Question Best Headset/Headphones to buy right now for pc gaming and music production!!??

    So I have recently been shopping for a new headset and really can not make a decision. I want the best possible headset but not something ridiculously overpriced, What would give me the best quality for gaming but also good clean audio and deep bass for music production? I would like wireless...
  16. M

    Question Looking for Wireless headset

    Hi all, I'm on the market for a wireless headset with over he ears headphones and a decent quality microphone. Under 200 GBP would be great. Thanks
  17. O

    Question HyperX Cloud II

    My HyperX Cloud II has been working fine for 1-2 years but today when i went to the toilet it seemed to just break, it was working fine i go for 2mins to go to the toilet and when i get back there is no sound in the right ear. Any help?
  18. F

    Question Computer output is seen as mic input

    Hello, I currently have a headset which has to 3-pin jacks, one for mic and one for audio output. The issue is that instead of using the mic on the headset to pick up my voice and input it into the computer, the computer instead taking the audio of the output of the computer as mic input. For...
  19. OneApples

    Question Headset Microphone playing back what I hear

    Hello and happy Easter, I have been having the issue over the past year where my microphone on my headset is playing back what I hear, meaning people in Discord can hear what I hear. This can get really annoying especially when playing video games. I'm using a msi z170-a pro Motherboards...
  20. B

    Question Mic in headset does not work

    I have a Rig 400 headset; sound is great, but the mic has never worked. I never cared; but now I need a mic for this microsoft teams stuff, or so says work. I tried finding settings, adjusting sound stuff, privacy, drivers, restart, ect. It's never worked on anything; games, discord, ect. I...