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  1. jake2000snake

    Question Recently out of the blue my headset will randomly disconnect and at the same time my cpu cooler light goes out for a second. Why is this happening?

    Headset: Arctis 7 pro wireless CPU COOLER: H100i CPU: ryzen 9 3900 GPU: RTX 3080 PSU; RM 650x Gold RAM: 32 GB 3200 Corsair Vengeance MOBO: B550 gaming F I would really appreciate any help on why this is occuring appreciate it. Also nothing is overlocked or anything.
  2. Doni49

    Question Use laptop speakers EXCEPT for Teams calls/meetings?

    I have a laptop I use for my job. We use MS Teams for meetings and calls between employees (landline phone for outside calls). I keep my headset connected to the docking station to make it easier to answer incoming Teams calls. But I only wear the headset during calls and meetings (I take it...
  3. sabrinnnnna

    Question Headset microphone doesn’t work when plugged into monitor ?

    I have the ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ Monitor, XPS 15 7590 laptop, & the Somic G951s headset. There are a couple issues I’ve run into: 1. When I plug the headset’s headphone jack into my laptop (and my monitor ISN’T plugged into my laptop) both the sound and the microphone work in the headset. Maxx...
  4. V

    Question Help me with my computers mic please

    My Laptop(Dell Inspiron 15 3000) does not detect my headset's mic, it detects the headphones but not the mic, it uses the laptop's built-in mic. It worked before I upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 but I realized it too late and I can't convert back to Windows 10 anymore. I have deleted the...
  5. Aneesh_

    Question Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 Disconnecting Issue

    I bought this headset in 2020 and have faced a very annoying issue twice since. Whenever I connect the headset (5 aux ports and one USB port) it'll function for 3-5 seconds and then turn off completely. This issue started after I installed synapse and turned on RGB for the headset (which leads...
  6. LordVasky

    [SOLVED] [PC] Audio problem/bug with speakers and headset

    Context: Headset(HyperX Cloud Stinger Core) connected to the front panel(3.5mm jack, 1 Mic-In and 1 Headphone-Out) of the PC; Speakers(Logitech Z333) connected to the back panel (3.5mm jack, Line-Out/Front Speaker Out); Main Objective of all this: Be able to easly switch between Headphones...
  7. B

    Question What is really happening with my audio?

    So recently a problem has occurred every day, and i really cant find the solution other than doing random stuff and it fixes itself. So here it is: My audio devices connected to my motherboard (3.5mm jack in front and the one in the back) suddenly stops giving sound. And no, it is not muted or...
  8. Jaunval

    Question Why does my mic cut under high gpu usage?

    When my gpu uses above like 60 maybe 70% my audio will cut for for a second or 2 and then come back but my mic will not work. I have to leave and rejoin the discord vc to fix this. Any ideas? Specs: ryzen 5 3600 rx 5600xt asrock b450m steel legend 16gb xpg ram 3200mhz but running lower because...
  9. J

    Question Headphones share internal audio

    Got a new headset, the neon 360 genesis, and it worked without issue the first few days. but at some point, while i was on a discord call, it started sharing the audio of whatever application i had playing on my PC, to the others on the call. This issue isn't isolated only to discord, i tried...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] Headset recommendations ?

    So i am on the look for a new headset. i currently have the artics 1 wireless and have been using them for over 2 years. i absolutely love them. i don’t do anything on my pc besides gaming and i use it on a daily basis but lately my headset has been giving me pain and discomfort around my ear...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Should I enable "Mono" in sound settings when using headphones ?

    I have a laptop and am using the Razer Blackshark V2 X to connect to a single headphone jack. This is my first headset I'm dealing with. Should I turn mono audio on when using the headset and turn it off when I'm using my laptop speakers? What is the quality difference? On a side note, is it...
  12. Dominum_vestri

    [SOLVED] I need help with picking the display for my PC

    Hi there! I'm going to buy new PC, but i have a laptop at the moment, so I need to buy a display for the PC too. I don't have much budget but I picked 3 displays that are meeting my conditions, but I don't know which is the best in quality/price raito. Here are the models: Acer Nitro...
  13. L

    Question Audio one one side of headset becomes static sometimes ?

    I got an xbox controller recently and opted to use my xbox's input for my headset since the cable that goes directly in my pc has worn out over time. it works perfectly fine while doing mostly anything but when I play games one of the two sides (its random which one) of my headset audio just...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] How to get my headset recognized?

    I have a HP ProDesk G5 Mini Desktop computer which has a headphone jack and a separate headset jack (i.e. combined headphone and microphone). Picture: When I plug a set of cheap standard earphones (the ones that come with your phone) into the headset jack, both microphone and earphones are...
  15. M

    Question Arctis 1 Wireless - Crackling sounds & randomly disconnects.

    I have asked a few places, and I haven't been able to get a good fix. I thank you in advance if you're able to help. After the initial setup, I used the headset for a few minutes before it would start disconnecting and reconnecting, along with these horrible crackling sounds that would appear...
  16. TBC29

    Question Microphone only recognizes PC sound but doesn't pick up my voice at all ?

    I am plugging earbuds with built in microphone to my PC. I tried to video call my friends and they're saying that my voice is breaking up and have static noises. I realized that my PC only picked up my built in microphone from my webcam and not from my headset. My PC has separate microphone and...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] headset has just stopped working

    Today I switched from my Speakers to my headset as I wanted to play a game and they just aren't working. If I adjust the volume wheel in line I get quite a loud static noise, but I can't figure out why no sound is coming out of them. I haven't touched anything since yesterday and they were...
  18. Any-Airport-9455

    [SOLVED] Does anyone know where I can get a pair of good quality, comfortable, noise cancelling headphones for my PC? (UK)

    Okay so, I just want to mention I kinda have a phobia when it comes to things such as the noises of my devices such as my games consoles, DVD players and most specifically my PC despite it being brand new and still rather quiet. Often when I am browsing the internet on my PC, even though the...
  19. TBloop

    [SOLVED] Headset mic works when plugged into cell phone, but not when plugged in to PC ?

    I bought a used Sennheiser PC 320 headset which has separate 3.5mm plugs for speakers and mic. I have had like 10 pairs of this headset which have worked perfectly when plugged into my PC. The mic didnt work on these and I thought it was dead until I tried plugging it into my phone's headphone...
  20. J

    Question Windows 11 problems with Discord & Logitech G933 headset ?

    Hello, even before I upgraded to Windows 11 I've been having issues with my G933 headset. For some reason when my microphone is muted for 10-30 seconds or when I lose signal. My Discord permanently glows green and my microphone stops working until I unplug the headset receiver, or unmute my...
  21. R

    Question Which one should I buy? Logitech G733 or Cooler Master MH670?

    Hi, folks. So I'm planning to buy a wireless headset next month and I'm looking for wireless ones at the price range of 130-150$ and these two (Logitech G733 and Cooler Master MH670) are the best candidate so far but I can't choose which one, I need your help for me to make my decision, post...
  22. broshm

    Question USB Type-C Microphonics cable

    Hi all, About to buy a new wired gaming headset, but all the reviews report that the original cable makes a lot of cable noise - microphonics. What should the new cable be made of? Do I need the speed of type-c 3.1 gen2 ? I'm lost here, recommendations? Thanks!
  23. bunnii

    Question Media lags when headset is connected ?

    For the past year or so whenever I connect my headset (Razer Kraken Kitty Chroma) to my PC and try to watch YouTube or Netflix and such, every few seconds the video freezes and the audio lags. I can listen to music and games and play games just fine. I can watch stuff through the monitor...
  24. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] What's a good TRUE 7.1 headphone?

    Good day, I'm currently looking for a pair of TRUE 7.1 surround sound headphones not one of those virtual 7.1 headphones that comes with BS software. I want something that is just plug and play, no BS software. Also, I prefer wired ones and ones that comes from a reliable and reputable...
  25. mRGogo

    Question Legend Logitech G430 ?

    I apologize in advance if I have posted a topic under the wrong category. I decided to buy a newer and better headset instead of my Logitech G430 Headset, which I have been using for 5 years. But I realized that my headphones are legendary. No matter which site or research result I look at, it...
  26. V

    [SOLVED] System output audio is detected even if I unplug the microphone from the headset.

    My last headset was working through USB so everything was fine, but the new headset I bought is using 3.5mm audio jack, and a weird behaviour is happening. My friends told me that they can hear me watching a youtube video, at first I though it is just the microphone that picks up the audio from...
  27. B

    Question Which wireless gaming headset?

    I am looking for a wireless gaming headset that I can use both with my PC, PS4 and my TV. Or if not possible with all 3 maybe just my PC and TV. (TV has both usb and 3.5mm jack) So far I've heard good things about razer black shark v2 pro, logitech g pro x wireless and steelseries arctis 7...
  28. Avik_b123

    Question Need suggestions regarding gaming headset

    Hello, Going to buy a new headset. Confused between the HyperX Cloud II and the Razer BlackShark V2. Need suggestion. Other model suggestions are also welcome. Budget is 10k INR.
  29. M

    Question Corsair Virtuoso XT Dolby Spatial Audio

    Hello all! I posted this on the Corsair sub but wanted to ask here as well. I recently enabled Dolby Atmos for my Corsair Virtuoso XT headset, but I feel like I’m not really noticing much of a difference? I made sure to download the Atmos windows app, and then under the spatial audio tab I...
  30. M0hitto

    Question Choosing a headset between Logitech G Pro X Wireless and Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless

    Hey, I'm looking for a wireless headset and I found 2 that I like: Logitech G Pro X Wireless & Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless (non SE). Price is about the same. The main thing I care about is comfort (I used to have Steelseries Siberia V2 and they were too tight on my head) and sound quality. Mic...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] Question about 7.1 surround headsets.

    Hi there I have a 7.1 surround sound question, also forgive me if I'm asking this in the wrong place. I currently have a RUNMUS 2K Pro headset. It uses a 3.5 mm jack. It's been a pretty good headset but I want to use 7.1 surround sound but it seems either the headset or my pc doesn't support it...
  32. T

    [SOLVED] Microphone on new headset won't work ?

    Specs: GPU: RTX 2080 CPU: I9 9900k MB: MSI MPG Z390 Case: Corsair Crystal 570X Hi, so just the other day I got myself a new gaming headset (Sennheiser GSP 602) which is an analog headset and doesn't need any drivers or software. It came with two cables, one cable is the standard cable that...
  33. I

    [SOLVED] Hissing sound while downloading ?

    Hello, i hear some weird high pitch noise in my headset while im downloading, it's a high pitch crackling/Hissing sound that only plays while im downloading or playing online, kind of like a hard drive writing next to my ears, as soon as i pause the download the sound also pauses, and this only...
  34. L

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't recognize headset.

    So my computer doesn't seem to recognize my headset and recognizes it as a speaker instead. My audio seems to be less quality because of this, and was wondering how could I make my computer recognize that it's a headset? My microphone is recognized and works well, but my audio seems to be a...
  35. Rockat

    [SOLVED] Discord/Gaming Headset under 50 Euro

    Hi Everyone! I was thinking about changing my headphones that I use for gaming and for talking on discord that are of poor quality with a bit more decent headphones. I specify that I live in Italy and that I will have to buy the headphones in a few weeks, so please do not post me offers of the...
  36. E

    [SOLVED] Beats Studio 3 Headset mic issues

    Alrighty, so I've recently gotten a PC (Case is Fractal Design Meshify C) and I wanted to use my Beats with them for audio and voice, I was aware the case needed seperate mic/headphone audio 3.5mm inputs so I bought a splitter. The splitter was 4 pole (TRRS) as the headphones I have use this...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Which headset is best?

    I am planning to buy a headphones headset. Can anyone tell me among these which will be best? 1. https://www.fantechworld.com/valor-mh86-space-edition/ 2. https://www.skyland.com.bd/product/redragon-ajax-h230-gaming-headset/ 1 is Fantech valor mh86 and another one is Redragon ajax h230
  38. D

    Question Wired headset sounds fine. Wireless sounds bad.

    I've recently decided to get a wireless headset (Corsair Void Pro) to replace my wired headset (Corsair Void Pro) Same exact headset the new one is just wireless. However, they wireless headset sounded a lot worse. I thought it was simply a worse headset possibly because it was wireless so I...
  39. [SOLVED] Razer Seiren Mini vs Kraken Ultimate

    Hello, I would like to ask 2 things related to the title, I would appreciate any responds, especially if you have the Seiren Mini, but again even if not, I would appreciate any help given. So, first of all, right now I am using the Razer Kraken Ultimate headset and its microphone which has...
  40. I

    [SOLVED] Razer black shark v2 pro wireless?

    Hey everyone been looking into the razer black shark v2 pro wireless headset and every review I watch says it’s a hell of a headset. I wanted to know what you guys think and if you have it what are your personal experience with it?