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  1. F

    Question Plagued with USB problems

    Hi, This is a fairly long problem so the following may seem a bit disjointed but try to bare with me. My computer is connected to my television and I sit on a sofa rather than at a desk, because of this I use a USB hub to connect my devices and have it next to the sofa. In total I have 4 USB...
  2. S

    Question Corsair HS60 Headset: Discord and other applications pick up desktop audio

    When i'm on discord, teamspeak or in a video game's voice chat, everything playing through the headphones can be heard through the mic, I've tried everything at this point, I've disabled stereo mix, uninstalled and reinstalled my realtek drivers, tried different settings, pretty much everything...
  3. Saymou

    Question Please Help! Problem with my G231 prodigy Headset!!

    Hey everyone! So basically i bought a g231 prodigy a year ago and it's working fine on my ps4. However, once i bought a new gaming laptop and tried to use it on it, I found issues with the mic. The headset mic wasn't getting detected so i tried reinstalling the headset drivers and what not...
  4. lordvanko

    Question Wireless Headset

    Hello! Im searching for a wireless headset that works wired aswell. What I mean by that is using them wired while gaming (for less latency) And wireless (for listening to music/travelling/working out) IDK if its possible but price ~ 70
  5. Y

    Question Usb Headset no ambient noise option

    Hi i have a cheap USB headset, now the last one i bought of this one, there was an option if i go to sounds>Headset>properties>Levels and there was a mic volume adjuster that would let me adjust how much of my ambient noise i wanted to hear around me, now this new headset which is the same exact...
  6. O

    Question Why Are My Front Header USB Better Then Rear Motherboard I/O?

    I have noticed that my rear front case header USB is allot faster then my rear motherboard I/O. For example, if I plugin my Logitech unifying receiver into the front I/O, I can use my mouse across my room. If I plug it into any of the rear motherboard I/O, it stops properly working a couple feet...
  7. D

    Question Arctis 3 2019 vs arctis 5 old edition

    So i cant decide between these two headsets. Both are at the same price where i live, which is about 90 dollars. Any tips, advice and experience using either.
  8. N

    Question Usb headset not working via usb

    my Beexcellent GM-1 headset won't show up when usb is plugged in after trying to uninstall and install driver because no sound was coming out of it
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Is the Logitech G430 still good in 2019 for gaming?

    I only do gaming though I want to do more multiplayer gaming. The Logitech G430 is on sale for £53 with 7.1 surround sound and USB. Is that a good deal? What headset should I get for £50 or under preferably as that's my budget for a gaming headset. I do have a mic though it's pretty bad since...
  10. Y

    Question HyperX Cloud II buzzing

    I have a HyperX Cloud II headset, and I have a buzzing issue: One day, I wanted to use the headset on my laptop, which required me to use the splitter adapter because my laptop has separate plugs for headphone and mic, and as soon as i plugged that adapter in there, I heard weird buzzing in my...
  11. L

    Question Right side of my headset is not working.

    I have a Skiller sgh2 (link: https://en.sharkoon.com/product/19984) And it was working fine up until last night. I thought it might have been a cable issue, so i untangled the wire and let it sit overnight. I woke up, tried it, and it does not work. What do I do? Both lights of the headset are...
  12. T

    Question Need help on choosing Gaming headset

    Hello, I need some help to choose a good gaming headset. I'm looking for something close to 100€, even a little more if it really worth it. I now headphones are better but I prefer to have an all in one system instead of a separate mic; suggestion are open but I will probably go for the headset...
  13. L

    Question Headsets causing lag input in every game

    Hello everyone, I come to introduce you to something very strange that is happening to me, I hope some of you can help me in some way. I'm going to be brief ... For a few years I've got problem with general mouse delay in games, a strange delay in which it makes me look like I'm moving my mouse...
  14. L

    Question Sharkoon Skiller SGH1 not working properly, probably

    So I bought this gaming headset, it came in good condition, but I can hear the sound without putting them on, like a few steps far from the headset.. Not because of a high volume but guess its an insulation problem maybe? Also I havent found any drivers if thats the problem.. Edit: Also the...
  15. Z

    Question Microphone or headphones for gaming (need to not pick up background noise)

    I live with room mates and my flat is on fairly busy street. Also, I own a mechanical keyboard. Bought recently Signa HD Studio Microphone. Good mic for my needs (just want to sound clear while gaming and maybe some Twitch/YouTube), but the background noise was unbearable. You could literally...
  16. J

    Question Logitech G432 vs Hyperx Cloud II

    As the title says should i buy the new logitech g432 (upgraded g430) or the old hyperx cloud II? also suggest me a better one than these 2 if available at this price point.
  17. lir2150

    Question Speakers not working but headset do

    Hi everyone, since I changed my motherboard I've not been able to make my speakers work, although my headset do. A few thing to have in mind: The new motherboard is a ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula The speakers are connected to the rear speakers jack (the black one). They used to work before...
  18. T

    Question Headphones acting wierd

    So I broke my headphone jack and took them somewhere to get repaired and now they came back and I am facing the following problems: When I plug in both the audio jack and the microphone jack the right ear is segnificantly quieter than the other one When i just plug the audio jack the right ear...
  19. M

    Question corsair VOID sticker?

    Hey, found out theres a sticker inside the headset, curious if its meant to be taken off or not as i do not see any "warranty" anywhere and it seems to just clock the holes?
  20. S

    Question The right choice for headset + mic for 2019?

    Hello to everyone reading this post! Today I have a question about choosing the right headset + microphone for listening to music and mainly gaming with friends (CS:GO; R6) on the budget I have. I am using „Ali” headset (the audio only), because microphone captures the sound of them and makes...