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  1. I

    Question Razer black shark v2 pro wireless?

    Hey everyone been looking into the razer black shark v2 pro wireless headset and every review I watch says it’s a hell of a headset. I wanted to know what you guys think and if you have it what are your personal experience with it?
  2. W

    Question Windows 10 not picking up headset.

    Hi everyone, I recently built a PC for gaming purposes. Only problem is that my PC isn't picking up my headset. I looked online for a solution (did the usual checks) and even asked in a couple other places. I'm running my speakers directly to my Acer monitor to play sound. I noticed that my...
  3. EsmaFingerpin

    Question Looking for better headset with mic

    So I live in a bedroom this is my room - View: https://imgur.com/a/N2LnLKM and as you can see that pink fan is slightly pointed towards the couch now the Logitech H111 Headset I have gotten 2 replacements from Logitech and the mic has always picked up that pink fan and air conditioner in some...
  4. Woody24

    Question Headphone wire replacement

    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. This is my first post on this forum, I apologize if this isn't the correct category for this question. The wire of my Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 has been playing up and I have identified the exact fault of the cable is right next to the earcup itself...
  5. ek_e123

    Question The microphone on my earphones stopped working just on my PC (works on PS4 and Mobile).

    I use my 3.5 mm JBL earphones on my PC with a splitter (one female to two males). While playing Warzone, my microphone just stopped working. More precisely, it started producing such a low sound that it couldn't be picked up by my teammates, I say that because I increased the bass level in the...
  6. F

    Question Looking for a new headset

    I'm looking for a new wireless headset and someone is selling the HyperX Cloud Flight S and SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless in my area on Facebook marketplace at a pretty decent price (brand new of course). Which one is better? Also, I'm probably going to buy a separate mic anyway so if anyone...
  7. dwbb

    Question headset with mic can only choose mic in or headphone exclusively.

    Hi, I have a headset with mic. When i plug in the pink color jack > choose Mic in > can record sound but cant hear sound pink color jack > choose headphone > can hear sound but cant record sound. usb extender with jack> pink color jack >unable to choose headphone or Mic in > very low...
  8. S

    Question Is it possible to connect the Arctis 9x to the xbox wireless dongle? If so, how would i go about doing this?

    Title basically sums it up, im trying to see if i can connect my Steelseries Arctis 9x to my Xbox wireless dongle but i cant find any manuals or settings on how to actually connect the headset to it. Thank you
  9. Koninosss

    Question Headseat makes annoying sound

    So my motherboard cant use non usb headset for some reason because there is no sound when I plug it in. So i bought a usb adapter the Virtual 7.1 Chsound but there is a strange noise all the time. And people can hear it in my mic too! What can I do? View...
  10. B

    Question How to stop Logitech G935 from auto adjusting, sounds horrible when loud

    Hello, I recently bought a pair of Logitech g935, Overall pretty happy, the wireless range and sound quality is amazing. The only issue I'm having is that the mic sounds pretty terrible, That was to be expected but I thought with some adjusting I could fix the sound issues. Only problem is that...
  11. RacAtat007

    Question Logitech G Hub not showing connected devices ?

    I have a Logitech G533 wireless headset and a G502 Hero wired mouse. Lately I'm having issues with the headset randomly cutting out for a few seconds at a time. Also, recently the headset will work fine but when I open the G Hub software it shows the headset is disconnected. I've never had any...
  12. D

    Question Help deciding on a headset

    Hi, I've been thinking of getting a headset for gaming and general use, and I've been debating between three headsets. The JBL Quantum 100, JBL Quantum 200, and the Redragon H510 Zeus. My budget is $50 and below, so if there's a better option than these and if you all could help that would be...
  13. A

    Question Crosstalk problem with Cooler Master MH630 Headset ?

    I just bought new Cooler Master MH630 headset. But if I am talking on the mic while my volume is above 50% on PC it catches the audio I am listening to also (I am using 3.5 mm jacks at the back of my motherboard MSI B450M Pro VDH Plus). And in the case of using the headset with a mobile phone...
  14. NilMeh

    Question Which Headset is better?

    Hello, I have a question. Which of the three headsets would you recommend: The Razer Blackshark V2X or the HyperX Cloud Alpha or the SteelSeries Arctis 3? Would really appreciate your advice.
  15. madhatterui

    Question Constant Electric Shock Disabling Audio

    my peripherals are: keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB mk2 headset - HyperX Cloud Revolver mouse - Corsair Scimitar This has been happening for a while now and I can't figure it out. Whenever I walk away from the computer and comeback I'm either static/electrically shocked when I touch any peripherial...
  16. E

    Question Microphone randomly adjusting levels

    After my Windows update a couple of days ago I've been getting weird random mic adjustments, it's normal for a couple of hours then it randomly starts to adjust.
  17. ScotchyRotchy

    Question Light and comfortable headset?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a super comfortable wired headset that has a mic for a whole day of work with low head pressure as high pressure headsets give me headaches. any ideas?
  18. barracuda22

    Question HyperX Cloud Alpha S muffled sound

    So I recently got this headset and I've noticed that the sound quality sounds quite muffled, or like washed out almost; not clear and crisp (hard to explain). I have already changed to the correct playback and recording defaults, I have also already reinstalled realtek from the site of my...
  19. ForeverMore

    Question Left & Right Sound Is Imbalanced In 3 Headsets

    (Pretty sure this isn't a headset issue, that's why I'm posting here, please read to understand. Also, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread, I didn't know which would be best for this so I just chose "Systems" because even though I think my problem is with my motherboard, I cannot be...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Help Choosing the best headphone under $100

    Hello! I currently have a GENIUS CAVIMANUS headset, and I'm looking to change it for a better sound quality one, between the next: 1. Logitech G332 2. Razer Kraken BlackShark V2 3. Corsair VOID RGB ELITE 4. SteelSeries Arctis 5 5. Logitech G635 6. Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset 7. ASUS...