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  1. ForeverMore

    Question Left & Right Sound Is Imbalanced In 3 Headsets

    (Pretty sure this isn't a headset issue, that's why I'm posting here, please read to understand. Also, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread, I didn't know which would be best for this so I just chose "Systems" because even though I think my problem is with my motherboard, I cannot be...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Help Choosing the best headphone under $100

    Hello! I currently have a GENIUS CAVIMANUS headset, and I'm looking to change it for a better sound quality one, between the next: 1. Logitech G332 2. Razer Kraken BlackShark V2 3. Corsair VOID RGB ELITE 4. SteelSeries Arctis 5 5. Logitech G635 6. Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset 7. ASUS...
  3. E

    Question People can hear my audio through my mic ?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right thread forum but whenever I connect my Astros A40 to my pc with a 3.5mm splitter, my friends can hear what I can hear through my headset. But when I use a USB connection with my headset, its working fine. I want to use 3.5mm because I can use Nahimic audio...
  4. Bradox45

    Question Soldering help with Steelseries Arctis Pro

    I broke my right cup of my headset i need to solder it up asap! Does anyone know where to solder the wires or how i can find out? I tried searching for images on google but i didn’t get any luck (Description of where the wire goes, is at the source of the images)
  5. toshibitsu

    Question VR headset (or strap) for someone with a large circumference?

    Hello, I currently have an Oculus Quest 2 and have both the original strap that came with it as well as the 'Elite Strap'. Both straps feel really tight on my head. I've tried contacting Oculus, but they were no help. Does anyone know if there's a 3rd party strap for big heads? Or what about...
  6. H

    Question Sound card running too much current into my headphones. What should I do?

    My headphones are extremely loud. Currently I have them at 25% volume or so on the headphones themselves and my Windows volume is 32. Apps like Chrome have to be set even lower. In addition to the loud volume, my mic is pretty much dead. I ran through 3 headphones, all of which had the same...
  7. I

    Question Headset for xbox series x?

    I recently purchased the new xbox series x and I know a lot of companies headsets are struggling because of no optical port. I want something wireless but also looking into a USB dac with a open back headset. Does anyone have an experience with any of this and if so any suggestions?
  8. M

    Question Microphone stopped working completely after restart

    Background information to understand how this occurred: Me and my cousins had downloaded ARK: Survival Evolved which we had played a few months ago but decided to come back. As I start the game I head into the bathroom and as I came back after just a minute my PC was suddenly restarting, I...
  9. S

    Question DAC/Amp for Sennheiser PC38x?

    Hi I just ordered the Sennheiser PC38x headset and a friend of mine mentioned I might want to look into a DAC/AMP device for it. I am honestly not sure how much my headset would benefit from a DAC/AMP and I wanted to hear other opinions on this. If t is indeed recommendable to have one...
  10. S

    Question Mic not working for headset with adapter

    I bought a 2 to 1 headset adapter so that my desktop headphones would work on my new laptop but now my microphone won't work. I tried uninstalling audio drivers and restarting but that did nothing for me. The headset just doesn't show up under the recording tab in sound options but shows up...
  11. Question Microphone not working with DisplayPort cable

    Greetings, I am new here. This is my first question. It's the really first time I don't find a solution to my computer problem to the point I ask in a forum lol. Anyway, so my issue is that my microphone is not working. - Laptop: MSI P65 Creator 8RF Headphone: Alienware 510H 7.1 Monitor...
  12. J

    Question Pc is detecting audio i play even when mic is muted?

    Hope someone can help. I am using astro a40s with my pc connected by a 3.5mm splitter one going into audio, one into mic. The problem is my pc is detecting my pc audio and putting it as input for example when im playing a youtube video my friends can hear this even if i mute my mic on the...
  13. C

    Question Burned speaker in headset

    Hey guys. At sunday my Kingston hyperx cloud 1 headset´s right side stopped working so I gave my headset to the repair shop in my town . After few days they told me that my headset cannot be repaired by them because the right speaker is "burned" and they cant find on internet any spare speaker...
  14. F

    Question BSOD linked to Audio drivers

    I didn't get any replies in my first post a few weeks back but I won't give up yet. My problem, I've been running into occasional BSOD and I feel 90% certain it's because of my Audio Drivers. Yesterday while I was on Discord I plugged in my headset, and chose "Headset" when the option popped up...
  15. I

    Question Razer Kraken not showing up as headphones on PC.

    So i got my new headphones today and it does not detect as headphones in windows. I am using the splitter that came with the headset and it only detects as headphones when i connect it to the front panel without the splitter but i cant use the mic then. I had previously installed the...
  16. M

    Question Headphones have bad quality sound if i activate my headphone mic?

    I have the JBL Tune500 Bluetooth headphones. When I have the mic on with the headset on, the sound is distorted and very bad. you always hear a crack in your ear. But when I turn off the mic, the sound quality is perfect and there is no cracking any more. But I need the microphone e.g. for...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] What soundboard to buy

    I'm about to buy soundboard but not sure witch one is better. Mostly for gaming and music. Current using only headset. Please help me to pick, thank you! 😁🙆 1. Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Or 2. Asus Gaming Audio Card 7.1 STRIX RAID PRO
  18. R

    Question Windows sonic or 7.1 surround sound

    Hi everyone so I got the Corsair hs45 surround headset that supports 7.1 virtual surround and it’s sounding really good compared to stereo. I play over watch and some other games and of them in over watch I turned on the Dolby atmos for headphones and am getting really great spatial awareness...
  19. Nedas55555

    Question How to fix heaphone stuff

    So i was setting up my mic but it didnt show up in the sound tap i thought it wasnt getting detected but i checked the laptop mic and it showed that its using my headset mic when i plug in it switches back to laptop any way to make it 2 diffrent devices on the sound tab
  20. Cloe1994

    [SOLVED] Headset volume is low when connected to the motherboard's jacks

    Hello everyone As the title suggests when i plug my headset to the 3.5mm jacks of the motherboard the volume is low and it's very annoying, i had to put the volume all the way up to 100% in windows to even have a slightly good experience. The weird thing is when i plug the same headset to my...