Aug 24, 2011
I need some opinon on my vaporware build I plan on making around March 2012.

CPU: Intel Core i7 ####K 22nm (next gen 2600K)
GPU Nvidia 670 (maybe 680)
Mobo: ASUS (z77 or z75 chipset, UEFI, PCI 3.0)
RAM: 1866 Mhz G.Skill (I am still looking but that is my base)
Case: CM next gen HAF X (if it comes out by time all other componenet come out) or HAF X Blue (last resort)
DVD: ASUS cheap drive
Cooler: CM H100
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast 750 Watts
HDD: OCZ Vertex MI 120 GB

Most of these are vaporware but are 90% likely to come out.
I like to encode and decode LOTS of video.
I plan to play BF3 on it with triple projector surround.
Let me know what is a better alternative to any parts in my vaporware system.