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Aug 19, 2018
Hello, i've recently been driving 80 miles round trip almost daily troubleshooting my friends PC, its a Msi x470 Mobo, ryzen 2700x, vega 64, 16Gb ddr4. Well he bought the Red devil vega 64 some months back and had it sitting around because i refused to even attempt putting it in his pc with a 500W psu, He ended up ordering a Seasonic Prime airtouch 850w Gold PSU (Imo plenty for his system, doesn't overclock or have a bunch of drives just a single HDD). Well i installed the psu and vega, all was well initially then it started going into a "standby" or low power state that require a hard reset to fix aswell as the audio got extremely quiet (Sometimes it would work find for a day then start going back into standby), reinstalled drivers numerous times no avail, i ran 2x PCIE 8 pin cables instead of daisy chain, still the same. Last night i thought it was done (minus the sound issue) however about 5 minutes from my house he messaged me and said it went into the low power state and started to smell like burnt electronics so he turned it off. I'm lost, im going back out there today with my old TT tr2 rx850 psu to see if perhaps the psu he ordered had a faulty 12v rail from the start. Anyone able to give any sort of insight as to the problems? I also thought about bringing the Vega to my place and installing it to see if i had the same issue.
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May 27, 2015
First I would change sleep setting in windows to never as a simple fix
The smell is probably just because the hardware is new but I would run some benchmarks for an hour or two just to be sure
Now for a more complete solution
Have you tried updating the bios?
Restore default bios settings?
Aug 19, 2018
I have yet to try updating the bios id hate for something stupid to happen during the update, ive reset bios settings, i've ran benchmarks and its worked fine for a day then the next issues. As for the smell, that just happened last night after i left , this hardware has been in for about a week and ive made about 5 trips to hime trying to figure this out, lets just say the smell was abrupt and he was worried something was about to catch fire. Im headed back down tomorrow with a different gpu and older 850w Psu to troubleshoot those.
Jan 5, 2019
Vega's are fun eh? lol All jokes aside, they are actually really good cards when you tune them properly. The first thing you need to do when getting a Vega card is go into wattman before you do anything and under-volt that SOB. I don't know who is responsible for making the stock settings on Vega cards but almost everyone has stability issues out of the box. I'll leave you a link to a video that might explain it better and so I don't have to type a novel.


This video does an excellent job of how to step by step, get that thing to stabilize. As for the smell, hopefully it is just a faulty PSU and not the GPU. Hopefully that was some sort of help. I have spent quite a bit of time tuning my Vega 64 and a few others, so I'll try to help as much as I can if you have any specific questions about the card.


Nov 12, 2018
The video linked above is decent. Some misconceptions, but overall a good guide.

One thing the video creator doesn't understand is the purpose of the "VRAM Voltage" setting. That acts as a lower limit for the GPU voltage and overrides any core voltages that are set lower than that value for any load state higher than idle. The VRAM is always running at the same frequency (unlike the core) so at some point, the core could drop to a point along its curve to where not enough voltage is being supplied to keep the VRAM stable. That's what "VRAM Voltage" prevents.

I also have a written guide (Here). Same concepts apply as for Vega, but it's nice to reference Vega OC guides for more applicable voltages and such.
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