Question Vertical GPU mount question

Oct 22, 2020
Hello everyone I just had a quick question about vertical mounting GPU for temps.

Still waiting on more inventory for EVGA Geforce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra gaming GPU and hopefully I can get one ordered on this next set of inventory that hopefully comes next month. But my question is that with a vertical mount and air cooled system will it cool better?

I've read some stuff and watched some reviews saying that it will choke the GPU if it is to close to the side panel. My build is going into a Lian-Li 011 Dynamic Razer Edition case where I read that the best cooling option is intake on the bottom and side with exhaust at the top with an AIO. I have the NZXT Kraken X73. So with having the 360 mm rad exhausting, will the GPU cool better vertical mount right above 3 intake fans. Saying I go with the newer Cablemod vertical mount that moves it away from the side glass panel. The way I'm thinking about it at least in my own head it seems it would. Instead of the GPU exhausting straight into intake fans it would vent towards the side panel where then the intake fans would pull cool air up the front and rear of the GPU thus taking the warmer air vented from the GPU straight up to the exhaust. Sounds like it makes sense but wanted to try and get some clarification before spending the money on the vertical mount. Any suggestions/opinions/thoughts would be appreciated to help me come to a decision.

One more quick thing if anyone has experience with the Kraken X73 is the pre-applied thermal compound good or did you remove it and apply your own? For years I've used Artic Silver 5 thermal compound on all my builds and builds I've done for friends.

Thanks in advance.