Question Very Slow Transfer Speeds Within Network

Scott Rice

Mar 28, 2015
So I will relay my situation that I have been experiencing for the past month or so as well as the troubleshooting steps that I have performed and hopefully someone points out an 'AH-HA' moment and I can finally get this resolved.

So the scenario is I have 3 computers, all with static IPs all on the same network. One is running Windows 10 (gaming rig) another is running Windows 10 (download rig) and the third is running Unraid. Both Windows 10 computers are up to date and operating on the same VPN (PIA), both are set the exact same SMB settings in Windows Features.

The Problem lies that when I go to transfer a file from the Gaming Rig to my Unraid server I get no network drop, it's a steady 80 MBps file transfer; however when I try to do the same with a transfer from my Download Rig to my Unraid server, I get about 15MBps and then it will steadily drop until entirely just kicks right off the network.

Both machines are not Neither machine is running any special firewall or antivirus software and are almost exact in software setup, I have replaced the ethernet cable (CAT 6A) several times (thinking that was it), I replaced with a new Nic card (1GBps), I have even replaced my router thinking that was the problem.

The error that pops up when it drops right off the network is 0x8007003B, I have Googled and it looks like and SMB error, however like I stated the SMB settings are exact on both computers and only one is suffering this issue. If anyone has ever experienced this and found a solution, any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.