Question Video Crashes and BSOD's of various types

Jan 17, 2023
Hey everyone, new guy here. I've been experiencing some major hardware issues and I'm not sure what my best steps should be. They did not happen in my PC until I got a RTX 3080, but I have also had past instabilities that I'll follow up on below. I'll be as thorough as possible:

Specs to get started:

Ryzen 7 3700X
Asus TUF RTX 3080
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3600
MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max
750W Thermaltake RGB PSU
Win 10 Professional
Two PCI-E SSD's and about 3 slower hard drives

The issue: I've been experiencing several hard-crashes and restarts in several games that use more GPU than normal. Games such as Trails of Cold Steel 3 when running above 140 fps at 1440p, Final Fantasy 14, Minecraft, etc. . The crashes mainly happen during gameplay, but they also happen intermittently sometimes just watching twitch streams. I've had everything from BSOD's to GPU driver crashes to full on black-screen restarts. I have noticed that this problem is particularly worse when the computer actively spins up to launch something, either after waking up from sleep or slowly after booting up the computer. This leads me to believe one of three components is causing issues:

  1. Power Supply can't keep up with the PC's power draw: Not sure about this, I am aware of Transient Power Spikes causing issues, but I think the CPU and GPU power draw should be far below the 750 Watt maximum. I'm not sure if Thermaltake is good but I don't really have problems with them.
  2. RAM is dying: I've had issues with RAM in the past, I built the PC with 16 gigs of ram a few years ago but I wanted more so I bought the same sticks again. they worked in the PC for a while together, but they eventually started causing severe crashes and the PC wouldn't boot, so i went back to 16gb
  3. The Graphics card is dying: worst case scenario; I've had several Nvidia-related driver crashes over the past few months but I always update and rollback drivers and no matter what they keep causing crashes.
Steps I've taken to try and address the issues:

-Enabled/Disabled XMP mode; no dice or changes there, crashes still happen
-Reinstalled GPU drivers with DDU consistently; still having issues. Lots of talk in Nvidia forums of black screens and BSOD's.
-Unplugged and replugged PSU Cables: Done this a few times, no cigar.
-Used bluescreen view to analyze the .DMP files; interestingly only one .dmp is saved right now, but it's a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error. I used to have multiple but they've since vanished.
-Further used WinDBG to analyze said DMP, explicitly pointed out "Hardware_RAM" as the issue, but not sure if that's the main cause. As a result...
-Ran memtest86+ to test the ram; this is happening right now as I'm at work; 3 passes with no issues this morning but I'm going to leave it for a few more hours to see what's going on.
-Reduced and increased page file sizes
-Updated motherboard BIOS: this didn't fix anything, even with new updates computer still has issues.
-Manually underclocking the GPU with a tuner: this also did not fix anything.
-Disabled windows fastboot
-Checked Event viewer. Nothing except some stuff about hyper-virtualization; the hard critical crashes are Kernel Power related. PSU problem?

To reiterate, these crashes are quite random, they dont happen in every game and they dont happen all the time. Not one crash during Elden Ring, which I played for multiple hours with no issues. Usually if I have the PC running for a while before starting up a game, it will spin up with no problem.

The crashes have come from memory_management BSOD's in the past, and though I dont have records, I have Nvidiadlmm also causing BSOD's. Event Viewerused to say they were video crashes but those stopped happening.

I'm at my wits end dealing with this; the issues have changed significantly over the almost 3 years i've had this PC, I'm very close to just upgrading to a whole new build entirely .

Any and all help appreciated, thanks!
if you haven't performed a clean windows install, that is where I would start to eliminate any possible software conflicts. since you have been having issues for a while I wouldn't necessarily think it would be the 3080, but it's definitely possible. after that I would start isolating the hardware and storage drives
Jan 17, 2023
I very vaguely remember installing Windows a second time but I'm not sure exactly when. Once I'm home I'll take a look, I'm pretty sure I've reinstalled it since installing the 3080 but I'll verify that. Thank you norcalsc! I'll upload the .dmp file too if you would like to see that too.
Jan 17, 2023
Upon further examination, I've learned that I didn't have the motherboard chipset drivers installed. Also, my ram is apparently incompatible with my motherboard? I could have sworn it was working, and it still is working, but I guess theres no official support on AMD's website? I'm confused.

Hopefully the chipset drivers make a difference.


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