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  1. iXorizon

    [SOLVED] Why do intel cpu mobos have a little "shield" thing on the socket but amd cpu mobos don't?

    I don't know what they're called Ref: I outlined it with a red "marker", I always see those on the mobos that are for intel cpus, but theyre absent in the mobos for amd cpus, can someone explain?
  2. A

    Question Any tests, apps or software that puts stress on the CPU to see if it's working in the ideal temp?

    I'm looking for something that lets me tests my CPU and gives me readings on it. For example, putting pressure on the CPU and checking the readings to see if it's working in the it should?
  3. T

    Question Monitor flicks off/on on full screen video (enter/exit).

    Title says most of it. When the monitor flicks back on colors are odd. Also, when scrolling after it flicks back on will cause green trails of anything that moved on screen. This just started happening recently. I'm using a DP 1.4 cable on an alienware aw2518hf monitor. Any ideas on how to...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Quick Question!

    Hi there, I am thinking of upgrading my RAM. I am running a single channel (1x8gb) stick at the moment and i want to upgrade to a (2x8gb) config. The only problem is that one of my RAM slots on my motherboard doesn't seem to be working (RAM slot number 2). In the motherboard Manual, it says...
  5. L

    Question PC Suddenly Slow after going into BIOS

    Built this PC about a month ago, haven't had any problems until a little bit ago. I ran a UserBenchMark test because my friend wanted to see the results, and everything seemed fine for the most part. My 8700k was slightly underperforming and my RTX 2080 was way overperforming according to the...
  6. A

    Question What type of PCIe slot is this? And what's a good graphics card to put in it as an upgrade for prebuilt HP?

    Link to image: So as you can tell by the question, I'm not exactly a computer expert. But I have this HP desktop from a few years ago and am looking to give it better graphics performance. To start with I need to know exactly what kind of PCIe port that is and what...
  7. B

    Question Is there something going wrong with my GPU? or are these two events just coincidental

    So I do freelance vfx mainly on this PC but I do play some games when I have the time. Ok so bear with me here. I was playing minecraft a week or so ago and noticed that sometimes in specific places looking at a certain angle would de-render or unload the chunk, basically I could see through the...
  8. HerrToaster

    Question Games crash on startup, GPU doesnt give an output untill i reconnect my monitor

    Hello everyone, I now have my pc for roughly a year and suddenly its not able to process any GPU related data anymore (e.g. Games, Benchmarks (DirectX and OpenGL), etc.). I was fully able to do these things before ~1,5 weeks. As soon as i now try to start anything gaming/benchmarking related...
  9. C

    Question RTX 2070 Dying?

    My PC is 6 months old everything was fine until 1 week ago. When I launch a game it crashes after sometime. The more demanding it is the faster it crashes. Only WoW can recover after 5 seconds of freeze every 15 min but it uses like 50 percent GPU. I removed everything with DDU in safe mode...
  10. L

    Question How does this gaming PC build look?

    I am looking to get a new gaming PC. Last time I build a machine I had an issue of bottlenecking as well as some other things I wish I would have done better. I have been researching top choices for components and have come to the build specified below: I was wondering if this build seems...
  11. X

    Question TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Plug

    So,I was thinking of buying a TP-Link Powerline adaptor but I'm wondering if it works through an outlet adapter(ie with different international outlets) or will it only work with the specific outlet on the country I buy it?
  12. A

    Question Want LAN connection but WiFi is too far

    So I recently moved into a new house. The WiFi is set up all the way downstairs so its too far. I want to play games on my PC and ps4 but i dont want wireless connection as it lags the game (dont have built in WiFi for PC anyways). How can I get LAN connection without having to connect the wire...
  13. B

    Question 50mbs download on gigabit fiber

    I have and rt-ac3100 and Att Uverse fiber. If I directly connect the Att router I get 950mbs down and up. Off the Asus rt-ac3100 I get 50mbs at the most. Qos is off. NAT acceleration is on. I'm on the latest firmware(which I flashed twice during troubleshooting). Wireless speeds are just as...
  14. Question How do I find location of a program from startup/What is this?

    Just found out that I have a program that has no specification on my task manager startup programs. How do I find out what is this or it's folder location?
  15. K

    Question Weird internet issue

    I've very recently had a strange issue with my Ethernet on my PC, after a few hours use the network kind of "drops" expect I can still ping IPs & Domain names, yet no webpages or services run still. But I can watch youtube or Twitch will keep running but I can't open any new pages or connect to...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Best Motherboard for Intel i7-975

    Just got a intel i7-975, really curious a good cheap motherboard that's compatible with it. Which ones? (I'm okay with refurbished, but I also don't want trash.)
  17. A

    Question SSD or MB damaged? PC crashes, freezes and slowdown.

    Hello, The issue began a few days after I replaced my failing Hdd with an Ssd. Since the Hdd had a few crashes and the installation of Windows was damaged, I did a clean install and copied important files selectively, so that no damaged files were on the new drive. I still had it connected at...
  18. A

    Question can this power supply handle this build ?

    Hello, i'm kind of noob about this lol, Recently I bought the msi GTX 1660 ti gaming x for this build details: cpu : Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz ( stock cooler ) ram : Corsair - Vengeance 16 GB 2x8 GB motherboard : MSI - B450M GAMING PLUS psu : EVGA - 500W 80+ white ( 100-W1-0500-KR ) here's the full...
  19. CeroCry

    [SOLVED] Does card name really matter?

    Looking at some of the gpus these days, is there that much of a difference in the names of the gpus? I am looking at rx 580 [PowerColor] and its 30$ cheaper than the [MSI] rx 580 card. They are both 8GB. What's the difference?
  20. CeroCry

    Question Is there gonna be a bottleneck in this case?

    Hello guys. I just want to ask real fast something about bottlenacking. I have a g4560 cpu and as of now I have the money to upgrade from my 1050 to rx 580. I heard from some people that there aint any bottleneck but other say there is. Can I hear your opinion on this case? Thanks in advance.