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  1. T6ku

    Question Better PC preforming worse

    My issue is that I use two PCs I built, both with similar specs, but the one with a better CPU and slightly worse motherboard performs worse on Minecraft with 8X Anti Aliasing(I am doing this by adding Javaw.exe as a game in Radeon settings profiles). I should also note I'm playing on lunar...
  2. A

    Question Will i be able to use nh-d15 with corsair rgb ram?

    Im have been thinking of buying a nh-d15 but i have not idea if it will fit with my ram Specs; Case: tg6 gpu: rtx 2060 Ram: corsair ddr4 rgb 3600 mhz Cpu: i7 9700kf mobo: msi z390 a pro
  3. Mike353511

    Question Disc usage while gaming goes to 100% while followed by BSOD. Followed by BIOS loop with no bootable devices.

    Specs: NVIDIA 1070 GTX, i7-9700k, 2x8 RAM Corsair, MSI z370 MOBO, Samsung EVO SSD, 750 watt PSU. While gaming for maybe about 20 minutes my disc usage jumps to 100 percent and causes my game to stutter. Sometimes it will flat out cause a BSOD. The other day after my BSOD it got stuck in a BIOS...
  4. S

    Question Will a GTX 1050 TI be compatible with my system?

    I'm buying a psu and a gpu soon and I would just like to know if a GTX 1050 Ti would be compatible with my specs. My specs are : Motherboard : MSI FM2-A55M-E33 CPU : AMD A8-5600K GPU : Integrated AMD Radeon 7560D. It's the one that came with the motherboard (I think) PSU : Powerlogic...
  5. G

    Question PC crashed and won't turn on after RAM changes

    A little while ago, I finished building my PC and got it to work. I set it up exactly according to this guide, and I was on the final step, which was to download motherboard drivers, when I heard a little "plink" and everything went dark. Since then, whenever I try to turn it on all that happens...
  6. F

    Question Thinking of buying MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WIFI

    Hello, I'm not really familiar with pc parts and if they are compatible with each other or not so maybe someone here might be able to help. I'm thinking of getting MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WIFI and I'm not sure if it is compatible with the other parts that I already have on my current pc...
  7. B

    Question Constant Blue Screens on New PC

    As the title says, I am constantly getting blue screens, or black screen crashes with some graphics still showing followed by restarts, when playing games. I did previously post on the Windows forum, but the person who was helping me stopped responding. They had me update BIOS and motherboard...
  8. MrGoblino

    Question Will my ryzen 5 1600 support 2060 if yes will it be decent?

    I was just wondering if I would of bought an 2060 supported my pc and motherboard My motherboard is a A320M-S2H V2 CF and my CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600 will it be fine if yes will i run games nice and smoothly?
  9. tek3195

    [SOLVED] Which radiator should I put first ?

    I have a 240mm AIO with an additional 120mm radiator added to the loop. The 240 is in front as intake and the 120 is up top as exhaust. Each time I think of which direction to run flow, the time before made more sense. Should I have it flow from pump to 120 first exhausting some heat before...
  10. buggaby

    Build Advice System build advice - 256GB RAM Threadripper

    I run CPU intensive simulations that are quite RAM limited. I need about 30 GB per core. That's why I chose the 16-core Threadripper. Fast per core, but still only need 8 cores to max out the 256GB of RAM. So 16 cores should work perfectly fine. I will be running these machines headlessly, so...
  11. GlacierHusky

    Question DDR4-3000MHz stuck on DDR4-2133MHz

    Hi all, DDR4 3000 RAM stuck on 2133mhz with XMP Profile- AS Rock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 Motherboard 3.5 years ago, I upgraded my motherboard, ram and CPU. BIOS Version: P2.40 Motherboard: AS Rock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 Motherboard RAM: Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Model...
  12. K

    Question Computer turns on but no signal PLEASE HELP

    Hey, I just finished building my PC and it boots the led‘s and fans turn on but I get no signal and my keyboard and mouse dont get power and in the beginning my graphics cards fans start to spin then they stop also idk if thats the case but the leds on my graphics card dont turn on but idk since...
  13. StuntZro

    Question First build, need some help. There's my part picker list, like I said, first one, haven't even ever got a prebuild "gaming" pc, so this is all very new to me, main question is, do you guys see anything else I need? Edit: Kind of answered my own main worry after looking...
  14. JhindianaJohnes

    Question Overwatch

    I've recently acquired a PC, I was wondering whether or not i can play Overwatch on this PC with a 144hz monitor (and hopefully 144+fps)? . It's specifications are: DH67EB Intel Motherboard Intel core i5 4590 16GB'S of RAM (DDR3) GTX 1050 2GB (single fan) 2TB HDD 128GB Kingston SSD
  15. Z

    Question DirectX 12 Games Crashing

    PC Specs: 5600x 16gb Trident Z Neo @ 3600mhz B550 Aorus Pro AC Wireless (Bios Version 13f) EVGA RTX 2070 Super 700w EVGA PSU I've been trying to get DX12 games to run for a few weeks now, sometimes they work the majority of time they crash to the desktop. The games I've been trying are RDR2...
  16. K

    Question Dual System Power Supply asking for help

    Hi guys! I'm in the process of planning to build a Dual system pc for streaming and for playing. I have a kinda big problem with choosing the right psu solution. I'd be so happy if someone could help me. So the following is a must in my pc. 1. 1 case with 2 motherboards 2. Single power supply...
  17. L

    Question Every game crashing on map load

    Hello, I recently made my brother a PC out of older parts I used to use and for some reason almost every game that requires map loading crashes. I have been trying to get R6 and CSGO to work in particular, and when benchmarking, these games do fine. This PC is not the strongest, as these are the...
  18. Mercur3

    I am a high school student looking to get into computer hardware.

    I am a high school student whose school greatly encourages students to find a field that they are interested in to become an expert in. I am working on becoming an expert in computer hardware. More specifically, I am becoming an expert in circuitry and computer parts. To prove that I have a base...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Some of my memory is still not available after inserting a dedicated card

    When I used to use integrated graphics on my AMD A-9600 I assumed that my memory only stated that 6GB of the 8 (2400MHz) inserted was available because I was using integrated graphics and the APU was using the RAM as its VRAM, however now that I’ve plugged in my GTX 660 it still shows up at 6GB...
  20. Question What are these in the red circles ?

    I was about to repaste my laptop because it's overheating up to 97 degree celcius. After I open the case and the heatsink, I found out that, under the heatsink, it not only contains both CPU and GPU, but also other stuff (which I marked them with red circle). My question is, what is that? what...