Vista Installation Problem. Please Help!

strike xx

Jul 19, 2009
Well I finally got my computer working and I'm trying to install Vista HP 64bit OEM but when I get to the drivers it can't find my Hard Drive. I'm pretty sure my HDD is connected right. I have 4gb of Ram. My HDD is shown in the BiOS but not in vista. I have no other OS installed on it. The MB I'm using is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P. Can anyone help me on this? Maybe explain exactly where the HDD should go and what the settings for it should be in the BiOS and any other information that would help me greatly.



Aug 1, 2009
Err... your HDD is there if Vista is installed. I would recommend looking in My Computer for Local Disk (C:) <----- Hard Drive. It may be that you accidentally made a partition that consumes all your hard drive space.


"My HDD is shown in the BiOS but not in vista." That statement indicates you already have Vista installed.
I hope you are not trying to upgrade Vista 32 bit to Vista 64 bit, it won't work.
This would require you to save all your files, format the drive/partition and clean install Vista by booting with the Vista dvd, run setup, choose custom instalation for access to drive tools and format the drive.
Then reinstall all your programs.