Vizio All-In-One Touchscreen


Dec 30, 2011
I thought that Vizio should be added to this threads list of companies. I think that are coming out of the gates strong with their line up of all in ones. Its about time someone sat down and challenged Apple in their "skinny jean" hipster, iphone, Starbucks drinking crowd.

From what I can tell, they have come up with a tasty competitor to the iMac.

I thought I would ask you seasoned folk about what your thoughts are on Vizio's lineup.

Does anybody have a vizio all in one?

Would love to hear about it.
My personal take, the reason I don't believe Vizio should be included (at the moment) is that PC's (data and/or calculations) are not their primary focus as it is for the rest of the brands listed. Sony has been producing some fine all-in-ones for a while, yet they are not included either - I'd hate to see the options should every company who has dabbled in computers be listed.
Perhaps an "Other Brands" option?
I've yet to see a Vizio all-in-one