Question VPN router small business class Cisco or Ubiquity


Jan 2, 2010
Hi there,

I am looking for a new VPN router to connect from home to work. I am looking for this USG on Amazon or Cisco RV160W VPN on Amazon. Does anyone have some experience in these?

Thanks in advance
The key thing you need to watch out for when you buy vpn is the encrypted throughput speeds. VPN put quite a load on the small cpu in boxes like these so make sure it will be fast enough.

You also have to be sure your company is using IPSEC. This tends to be common for point to point business connections. Although remote access can use IPSEC it has become more common to use openvpn because it is simpler to get to work in a home internet situation. IPSEC can be very tricky to get setup especially when you use different brands of equipment on the different ends. IPSEC is suppose to be standard but all the vendor seem to do things just different enough to make it a pain.

Are you sure that is the correct ubiquiti device. It says 802.11b for wireless which would make that extremely old equipment.