Wait for the 7xxx series or get a 560 now?


Sep 13, 2011
I used to PC game all the time (COD, BF, SC2, etc) on a gtx 460 and I had to sell it to buy a new processor because my last one was fried so now I'm stuck with onboard graphics. That means I can't run any game except league of legends. In low settings. Needless to say I'm dying to get a new graphics card but I have no money until I can get a job and, embarassing as this is, am going to have to have my mom help with this. (I'm 16 btw) I can get a more medium gpu like a gtx 560 now and either get another later for sli, or wait 4 or 5 months for the high end 7xxx series to come out. I have a 700w psu so power consumption isn't the problem, I just want to make sure I'm pretty future proof in 2 560's or if I'll be needing a new gpu in a year to keep up with future games. Sorry this was so long! If you have any questions I'll be checking this post often so feel free to ask.
The 560 performs quite well on most titles at 1080p. Only extremely demanding games like Crysis 2 on max with DX11 would really cause it to choke. The vast majority of games out there really aren't all that demanding on graphics hardware, Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 are the exception, not the rule. This trend will likely continue until the next generation of consoles comes out, which is still probably a couple of years away at least. I'd say just get a 560 now, and add another one if you feel you need it. You're probably not going to see many games that would really take advantage of a 79xx card for quite some time, not unless you plan on playing at an extremely high resolution, playing in 3D or you plan to play games across 3 monitors.