[SOLVED] Want to wipe PC but black-screen and other issues. What are my options?

Dec 13, 2021
I've looked at a few other threads relating to this and none quite fit my situation, apologies if I missed something.

I built a PC back in 2012 and since then it's been a hand-me-down machine to a few other family members. Needless to say I have it back now and I want to just completely wipe the software and start over with a clean Windows 10 but there's a few issues I'm facing:

Black screen on login: If I'm lucky enough to get the login screen (which is painstakingly slow and choppy), I get a black screen after login with no cursor. I've tried a few different key combos but none seem to do anything. Interestingly enough when I hit windows + P the "project" side bar clearly shows and I'm able to scroll each option with the keyboard, but that's it.

Safe mode: When I attempt to launch in safe mode I get to the "select keyboard" screen but everything is frozen and I have to reset the computer.

I've read about using an ISO through a USB but from what I know, you need a product key for that and that's been long gone. This machine was built with Windows 7 and upgraded for free to 10.

I've completely removed the GPU and tried through the mobo but I'm getting the exact same results. I'm able to access the bios just fine on this machine. So what are my options to just wipe this thing and start from scratch? There's nothing on here I want to keep but the OS itself.

AMD Phenom II x4 965
GTX 960
8 gb's RAM
1tb WD 3.5 hard drive
Built with Windows 7 and upgraded at some point to 10
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