[SOLVED] Warzone not using 100% CPU and not reducing Frame Time

Oct 24, 2021
Long story short: When playing Warzone @1440p, my CPU utilization averages 40% with peaks at 55%. CPU Time ranges between 7 to 11ms/frame. My question is if there is a way to increase CPU utilization and reduce CPU Frame Time.
in DownTown I get an average 105 fps, 0.1%=53fps, 5%=85 fps. No stuttering.

Details- CPU Ryzen 7 3700X @4225Mhz , GPU AMD RX 5700XT, RAM OC @ 3700MHz CAS=18. RendererWorkerCount = 6.

Of the 8 cores in the CPU, 6 of them can run happily at 4250MHz at 1.25V, while 2 of them are not stable above 4100MHz at this voltage. I have the core voltage set to 1.25V which gives me temps around 65C at stress tests, 55C during gaming, no thermal issues. I use Process Lasso to define CPU affinity with the 6 fastest cores, and Ryzen Master to set the 2 weaker cores at 4025MHz so they can be stable and be used by the system and other processes (chrome for instance) without producing errors. Using Process lasso and Ryzen in this configuration seems not to affect CPU utilization at all but allows me to get the highest FPS with no stuttering when compared with a lot of other configurations tested, considering I want to keep the CPU temps at this range.

GPU Frame Time ranges between 5 and 11, so FPS are sometimes constrained by the CPU and sometimes constrained by the GPU. The GPU operates with high utilization most of the time (75% I guess, no Overclock here, just a very stable undervolt with temps around 80C under load). So, as it seems that I have a lot of resources available in the CPU, I would like to know if there is a way to increase CPU utilization, so the CPU Time would be lower and FPS would be constrained only by GPU performance and not by the CPU that has such low utilization.

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That is pretty normal usage at 1440p for a 3700x in Warzone, Cpu's don't often peg like video cards do at 99%, If you were at 99% on your cpu you would be bottlenecking the GPU.
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