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Nov 23, 2010
To all that may be concerned,

Please be advised I will be looking for the best in liquid type of cooling and easy or use/maintain. None of those regular manufactor built. Please read on a bit if this is you.

I would like to invite everyone who is skilled or just interested in investigating new and better way to cool down a computer. My thoughts primarily comes from the price, lack of quality in today's product, and lack of product choices for average high end consumers.

My break down and theory: (I'll try to privide link along as much as I can.)
Is Koolance, Corsair or even DangerDen all they hyped to be? While many claims and others trail and error across google suggest better to build all or partcial liquid cooling system yourself. They considered it to be cheap and more effective. Reality lack of quality and durability test.
So comes the case of Koolance, DangerDen and many other companies' pre-build system. They are sufficient but not good enough. Please dont shut me out on this yet; I am looking for the very best liquid cooling system in mind. So I must compaire price in mind as far as pretty good system and model goes Koolance ERM-3K3UC (copper core radiator) MSRP $1,169.99. (Thinking external system saves space leave room and unessary dust to create heat gathering inside the case. Copper better heat conductor/release, clear here) Links http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/default.php?cPath=28_41
On the other hand DangerDen many users liked it's quality and performance of cooling goes lower for a basic kit or if you so choose to custom some parts goes MSRP 200-300
That's the basics of cost and my initiation towards my theory. Knowing that please advice me towards the next bits of information. Suppose 2000 for average high end efficient liquid cooling cost. This Lytron a company who specialize cooling systems for other larger company and heavy use. Profile http://www.lytron.com/Cooling-Systems/Standard/Ambient-Cooling-Systems
Sites that I just found however not complely read through. discuss particial home build liquid cooling system using Lytron's parts. Examins workings and flash point of various liquid include particular oil. Depending on the compound one must consider cost and use of proper tubes. This is the part I will leave to you. Link
Parts on ebay for sale seemly if I push it I could get it little shy of 2000 to complete the system.
Conclusion so far it's gonna be ugly, noisy, possible many mantainence, cost of mid range computer or approx. 4 1/2 GTX 290 at $750 Amazon and space consuming. In return long term usage, stable/faster computer with consistant cooling.
I am looing forward to see what you think about this. Thanks for your patience and interest.


Dec 21, 2009
Alright, hold up a second. Definitely go read the Watercooling Sticky at the top of this forum.

Are you looking to actually build a WC system or just have one assembled for you? What hardware do you intend to cool?

If you plan this out right (and read the sticky and understand the info), you can spend ~$500-600 for a higher-end custom cooling solution (again, depends on hardware and intent of the system) that is efficient, potentially quiet and low maintenance. But first you need to read the sticky (have I said that enough? ;))


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Jan 12, 2007
Have you read the sticky? (Trying to be redundant on purpose...)

It's linked below in my signature. Please read through it as much as you can...it will help you immensely. You appear to have been slightly misled on your research.

Depending on what you are hoping to accomplish and on what hardware, you can find very, very good cooling with typical watercooling components we use around almost every watercooling forum.

What hardware are you trying to cool, what expectations on cooling do you have and what is your budget on watercooling components?

Please read the sticky a few times before really diving in...you'll thank us. There are a lot of links to other sites with valuable information as well...please do yourself a favor and take the time to visit the wealth of information we have provided in the sticky as well as the info linked across the web.

Welcome to the watercooling forum.


Nov 23, 2010
Thanks rubix_1001 and boiler1990. No I have not got the chance to read or understand the sticky you have kindly brought out to my attention. I will read up on this information promptly then further update the report here.
Let me provide a general thought on WC at least. Since WC is bought out to the surface of the market. Many issues are concerned including what material and size of tubes to use, leakage concerns over types/design of tube joiners/elbows, water block material and design, and plumps ability to carry choosen type of liquid etc.
Like you addressed to me I must read up more but it seemed that the suggestion tends to lean enough is enough. "pending on hardware...what temperature of cool you expect..." Needless to say cooling get better but so is hardwares need for power. I have 2 ATI 4890 burns 90C stock fan but cant imagine an overclock system and GTX 590 combined. Correct me if Im wrong but pieced research in the pass lead me to believe whether you need it or not better or mayhaps overkilled cooling can help stability and speed of your system...
Please allow me some time to sort out this sticky WC info you mentioned.
Looking foward to exchange further ideas with you,
Ted :)


I'm not sure if you're a licensed Ham Radio operator but since you posted a link to a Ham Radio site then most probably you are.

Anyway, 73s brother from KB9NHA (also a Ham)...

There's others more efficient liquid cooling systems out there better than liquid cooling TEC or Peltier (Thermoelectric Effect) cooling is an example. But for the majority I guess, liquid cooling is the preferred method cuz it's not really that complicated to set up.

I've seen several TEC set up & it's not really that impressive to look at. Recently, I been following a thread on some guy at pureocerclock.com on his mod using TEC & been very impressed of his build. It's really nice to look at & way better than that TEC hybrid made by Cooler Master.

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