Oct 7, 2010
I recently upgraded my Hard Drive in my HP dv5t and decided to get a 64GB Crucial SSD. When I used my HP recovery disks(Vista 64 bit prem) to install it runs fine until both disks are done and it has restarted a few times and then I get error at the very end of the install that comes up "windows could not complete ...." and "Create RP fail". It appears to have installed the OS and drivers correctly, but the install is failing to create the Recovery partition correctly( I am assuming, but not sure). After I click ok it now just has a black background and comes up with just the "Windows could not complete..). Is there a way around this since it seems the OS is installed fine and it is just failing what seems to be unnecessary part of the installation. I can access the command prompt if that helps.

I will install another way if I have to, but I was wondering if there was a way to fix what I already had on there.