Question What Chipset Driver Version do I have?

Jun 8, 2020
I just downloaded some chipset drivers from AMD, but I dont know if they installed correctly or if I got the right ones. How can I check? Someone told me to go to device manager and look under system devices for the chipset identification, but I don't see anything listed. Please Help Thanks again!

Here is a pic of what CPU-Z says when I run it and heres another pic of being going through the device manager to find the chipset driver.

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Math Geek

when looking at device manager if something does not work, you'll see a yellow ! next to it. if there are none, then everything is working fine.

you can see driver version numbers for every device by double clicking the entry and selecting the driver tab. you can also update the drivers from there. but if it aint broke, then don't try to fix it. windows update has it covered and picked the newest driver it has to offer. that's good enough