What could b the defect


Jun 13, 2012
Hey.. I have a problem.. Yesterday i removed my stock i7 2600(2 months old)'s fan..
When i put it back i broke the white plastic thing that connects it to the mobo..
But it held tight onto the cpu.. But when i tried turning the pc on.. everything runs but display to my monitor does not come and later on.. The power just comes for 5 or 6 seconds. . Goes off and comes back again.. The display to the monitor did come later.the last time i tried turning the pc on.. i took it go the shop where i bought the comp.. We replaced the heatsink with coolermaster tx3 to check whether the broken pin aas causing the problem.. Stil the same.. Chscked the ram and psu.. Nothing is srong there.. Besidez ghe led on mobo is red which I
Shold b green.tried the jumper..

Mobo is intel dp69bg

What coulb be wrong?? :cry:

Maybe even though it seems ok to you it's just not a tight enough seal and it's overheating.
O I missed that. I would check to make sure all plugs are firmly plugged in. Then I would check all hardware. Make sure the RAM and video card are fully seated. If that doesn't work than I would tear it down to it's basic parts, Motherboard, CPU, RAM and video card. Unplug everything else like the HDD, and optical drives and start troubleshooting until you find the problem.