[SOLVED] What is this piece that broke off from the SSD?


Aug 17, 2016
Hi everyone,

I was replacing a non-working motherboard and noticed this piece hanging from the SSD SATA port. This is the second one that fell out and I can't identify it nor do I know if it's a crucial part for the SSD to work properly. I do know where it's missing from, but don't know if it needs to be repaired. The SSD was never dropped or damaged so I have no clue how this happened.

The PC does recognise it, I installed Windows and a couple of games without issues, but is it safe for me to keep using it? Could it kill other components if something goes wrong?

Multiple images of what it looks like and where I suspect it's missing from

Thank you.
If you can resolder them, then do it.
Without those pieces sata connector may bend and break off eventually.
It essentially anchors sata connector to pcb.
Ok, I'll see to get it done. Until then, I can continue using the PC without any fears of something breaking or shorting?
Each time you plug/unplug sata data or power cable, connector moves slightly.
It may be fine now, but it's going to break off sooner or later, if not fixed.

Anyway - if you're not touching it/yanking cables, it can stay fine for years.
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