Question What should I upgrade my PC to? i7? 1080?

Elliot Savage

Oct 16, 2016
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my PC as I'm really struggling to play my new favorite games.
Here are my specs:

i5-8400 2.8ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti
1TB Hard Drive Disk

I want to upgrade my GPU and possibly my CPU soon after that. I want an SSD and another 8gb stick of RAM...

I'm running an i5 8400 2.8ghz which I used the bios to use the turbo mode to make it run at 3.78ghz all the time (according to task manager).
I have a 1050ti but it seems to suck... I'm massively into Apex Legends but I have to use dynamic resolution (so it looks awful sometimes) and I have to use 1080p quality which is blurry on my 1440p monitor as it's much much bigger. I use minimum settings and a custom config file to lower them even further... It's manageable but it's becoming tiresome now...

What is a good upgrade for these parts that would cater for 1440p gaming at 75fps (75hz) on Medium/High settings at butter smooth performance?

My favorite titles are:
Apex Legends
Project Cars 2
The Elder Scrolls Online
Borderlands 3 (I haven't purchased yet as I KNOW I will be disappointed with the settings and low frame rate)

*These games I am happy with

I can run League of Legends and Skyrim and XCOM well but my favorite game is APEX and I don't want to keep putting it off because it runs badly.

I think an SSD and GPU would be the best things to get first... But I have no idea what to buy?

I am not looking for a super expensive card like the new RTX cards but maybe something like a 1080 maybe.
I only have 4gb of VRAM and think I need more.

What do you suggest?