What type of Ethernet cable (solid,stranded,etc) should I use?


Oct 14, 2010
I am planning on replacing my wireless with a cabled network. I have the tools to make the cable and have done it for small patch cables, but I am unsure which style of cable to use for a longer run.
The long cable will be from my modem to my router which is 15ish metres, when snaking it around walls and up the stairs (can't run it inside walls or through ceiling).
I was planning to use stranded because it is flexible enough to go around the tight corners but I was told its useless over a couple of metres.

Any suggestions?


Jan 13, 2014
Sorry this isn't an answer, but just chipping in since I'm in the same situation and need the know the same thing.

I'm trying to decide between solid and stranded, but put off solid as it is apparently difficult to terminate when making patch cables (apparently you require a 3 prong plug to terminate a solid cable as opposed to a standard 2 prong).

But then, I need solid for a decent cable length. But need it flexible.....