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    Question PC suddenly turned off and won't come back on

    I was playing a game in fullscreen mode when all of a sudden my PC completely turned off. At first I tried simply turning it back on but then it wouldn't display anything and the mouse and keyboard (both are USB) won't connect either. I removed the plates, turned it on, and took a closer look...
  2. Z

    Question Liquid Cooler and Keyboard lighting issue

    why my liquid cooler's fan which blue light is still lighting after I switched off the rgb light by using RGB fusion software?? And The Keyboard's LED light is disappearing one by one... Why??? LIquid CPU Cooler : Lian Li Galahad 360mm Closed-Loop AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (Black) Keyboard ...
  3. M

    Question ARGB header not working correctly, fans are only on green colour and unable to control by motherboard software.

    My Motherboard Model: Asus B660M-PLUS WIFI DDR4 My Cabinet Model: Lian Li Lancool 215 My AIO Liquid Cooler Model: Lian Li Galahad 240 ARGB As you can see by my motherboard specs, it has 3 ARGB Gen 2 headers. Yet only 1 ARGB header seems to be working correctly. When I connect my case fans or...
  4. D

    Question Constant white CPU debug light, no signal to monitors

    Specs: Intel Core I7 Processor 8700K Liquid Cooling GeForce 1080 8GB Graphics 32GB 2133mhz DDR4 Memory EVGA 500W PS 480GB SSD 2TB Hard Drive I was using my computer one night and my PC shut off (monitors stayed on but disconnected, so it wasn’t the whole power strip) then a few seconds later...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] PC was working fine, now PC won't start and has CPU light on

    My PC was working fine today then I left for 30 minutes and come back to my PC being unable to start. I built the PC in June 2022 and it's barely been a month. My CPU ez debug light is on and the fans are really loud. I have tried reslotting the GPU many times, I have also tried changing my ram...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Motherboard's VGA light stays white, cannot detect GPU.

    I built this PC a month ago and it's been working fine, but after removing the GPU to put some new fans in I noticed this issue more, but normally reseating the card fixed it. Today however after seating an additional fan, I can't it to be recognized at all. I've spent the last hour reseating...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Montech Fighter 500 Fans

    Hi All, I recently bought the Montech Fighter 500 case which has 4 pre-installed "rgb" fans. First, I thought the fans will just be regular 4 pin RGB fans, turns out that they are all static rainbow color LED fans (which I dont care much about because the case was cheap). However, I did realize...
  8. M

    Question New PSU knocks out all lights?

    So today my new PSU arrived (be quiet! System Power 9 600W) and I spent some time replacing my old one, then once I finished and connected my power cable and turned the switch on, the entire houses lights in every room just went dark, managed to get them working again with some fiddling. the...
  9. S

    Question Motherboard DRAM light after RMA

    Hello All, Been one heck of a couple weeks. I was plagued with a system crash and on reboot I was greeted with the orange DRAM light on the MB. I did some basic trouble shooting, trying single ram sticks in every slot combination, went and bought a new ram kit from Best Buy and still the same...
  10. Razzaholt

    Question VGA white light on MOBO - First setup

    Hi all, so I’m helping somebody to build a gaming pc. After the first switch on, the ezbug went through the process. Cpu passed, dram passed, but it’s stuck on a solid white light on VGA. There is a light above the graphics card pin connector, which I believe confirms it’s connected to the PSU...
  11. SkarMC

    Question NEW ARK 90 Lights acting strange

    Okay so this problem is strange, the New Ark 90 has lights that are controlled on the case using 3 buttons and sadly cannot be controlled from the motherboard, but I don't care about that since I just want it red. However, after a little bit of it being on or switched back to red, it will change...
  12. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] A-RGB vs. RGB?

    As the title says, what is the difference between A-RGB and RGB. From how I interpret it, I think A-RGB means you can fully customize the RGB lighting while RGB is just "pure" RGB, you cannot change the lighting to a specific color you desire. Apologies for the ludicrous question, but I just...
  13. P

    Question Computer Case's RGB lighting turned on randomly for the first time ever?

    I've had my computer for about 2-3 years now and yesterday the RGB lighting on my case turned on for the first time ever while watching a youtube video (about 2-3 hours after boot). I didn't even know it had RGB... The LED light button on the case never worked until yesterday, but after the...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] BIOS keeps resetting ?

    I turned off the light on my mobo off through the bios, and its fine after the first time i switch my pc off, but then when i switch it on and off again it seems to reset the setting (i made it so when the pc is off, the light is off too), was wondering if anyone knows of a fix or is this is...
  15. omerdai

    Question Help Motherboard light problem

    Hi, I have my pc for a tear now and I don't usually have problems with it, today I wanted to check something with the RGB fans and by mistake one cable has disconnected and I reconnected it since then something really strange is happening, the front RGB fans are stuck with blue light the CPU fan...
  16. Y

    Question Fan RGB color reset each time computer is turned off

    My RGB fans are being controlled from the case for unknown reason in each time I turn off my PC the RGB color reset to the old color but if I restart the PC RGB color just stays. Any help or recommendation will be appreciated.
  17. kook

    [SOLVED] What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my tower?

    What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my computer's tower? View: It is blinking constantly and it's basically been there since I got the computer. It blinks slowly though. Is it maybe related to a WIFI PCIe card or something?
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Fans spin and then stop

    Okay so I have a asus b450 gaming mobo with 2nd gen ryzen 7 and 16gb of ram... recently I installed a water cooler and my pc worked fine for about a week then all of a sudden I got a black screen, after restarting it it would start to boot and show the windows logo but then again black screen...
  19. N

    Question Gigabyte aorus h470 pro AX red VGA light no post

    UPDTATE: Just replicated the issue without the GPU in the slot and using the onboard CPU graphics. Hey guys. I’ve had this issue with my PC since I got it. every 1-5 boots, there will be no display and IO USB port power. a red light on the motherboard is lighting up VGA. I have swapped the...
  20. Youxxef627

    Question Broken although light turns on ?

    Hello, im trying to build my new pc right now and I wanted to try outside the case if my components would turn on. Unfortunately they didnt. So im asking myself right now if my motherboard could be broken because I wasnt the most careful person. So my question is can it be broken although the...
  21. DannyT_

    [SOLVED] PC Will not start, Power LED on motherboard

    Hi, I am having an issue with a computer im running as a media server. I moved into a new place and after plugging in the pc, I found it wouldnt turn on. After a long time troubleshooting, I thought it would probably be the 8 year old power supply. I purchased a new one and set it up...
  22. C

    Computer reboots when turning on a lighter???

    It happened the other day and I thought it was just a coincidence, but it just happened again a moment ago. I went to use a lighter to light a candle on my desk, and the whole PC black screened and rebooted itself. The flame was about 20+ inches from my actual PC and maybe 6-8 inches from the...
  23. M

    Question Cant enter Windows 10 - Samsung Evo 970 NVMe problem with MSI B350 Gaming Plus MBB

    Hi guys, I am having some serious issues with my Samsung 970 Evo NVMe when plugged into my MSI B350 Gaming Plus motherboard. I bought it like a year ago and it seemed to be working fine for about 3-4 months but suddenly it started causing problems by not entering my OS (Windows 10 Pro). The...
  24. W

    [SOLVED] The light of 1 of my coolers does not work

    I bought a new computer 2 weeks ago , but now the light of 1 of 3 fans (the one in the back) does not work. I only get a small light beep while starting up but after that no light at all. Front ones work fine. The fans are standard fans from the Sharkoon vg7. For as far as I can tell (not an...
  25. F

    [SOLVED] Fans, and lights working no signal to monitor, keyboard or mouse says 00

    fans to connected and GPU fans work all lights on, says 00 at the top of the motherboard. I can't get anything displayed no bios no mouse or keyboard. What should I do everything looks connected right this is my first build though. Thank you to anyone replying PSU: corsair RM 1000x CPU:Intel i9...
  26. N

    Question Laptop wont boot. .

    Hi! I was trying to help a friend reset the bios password on his Lenovo L460 thinkpad. So first i tried to remove the cmos battery, it didnt work. So i figured i had to reset the bios chip by shorting it out. and so i did.. but now the computer wont turn on.. the power button and the "fn" button...
  27. Killfree

    Question Asus prime no post

    Hello, I have an asus prime x570-p who’s not posting anymore. I tried to swap ram, cpu, psu and gpu, but I still have no post. When I plug the 24 pins psu cable on the motherboard I have 4 light who turn on, but when I press power nothing happen. I have also tried to remove the case power button...
  28. AMACB_

    [SOLVED] Keyboard backlight stops working after not using for a while

    I have a Ducky ZERO 3108 mechanical keyboard with a blue backlight. I've noticed that after long periods of not using it (i.e. having it connected to a powered off PC), the keyboard backlight stops working when used again, but then turns back on after a while (when connected to a PC that is...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] XMP causing PC to boot to safe mode, or not boot at all: Help

    Hello! I am having an issue with my MOBO and XMP. I am not sure if it is a defective MOBO, or if I need to manually set up my RAM, IDK what is going on here, I am bamboozled. Here are my specs. I9 9900 K RTX 2080 TI G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4...
  30. BillWiTheScienceFi

    Question Power button & light question

    heres my case manual: look at "connect cables for front i/o" I am wondering what that light is that's in between the audio jack and reset switch. It blinks sometimes (at different speeds) and other times it does nothing. And probably can't but is there anyway to disable the light on that...
  31. meshcoco

    Question Motherboard has power but no display

    Hello i am new to building PC, however i have been successful in putting parts together and making a computer work so far. This last one is giving me trouble. i have a ASUS X99-E motherboard, nvidia gtx 2070 TI, 1200 psu corsair. it seems to turn on fine but i cannot get a display, one of the...
  32. K

    Question Gigabyte B450M - LED not lighting up

    Hi, this is a pretty minor thing I have a problem with. My build worked out just fine but the only thing that is weird to me is that the Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard has this little orange strip on it that should glow. Well on my motherboard it doesn't. Tried looking for it in BIOS but I...
  33. alexanderwe6

    I need help finding an LED Conversion kit

    I have a 2013 Chrysler 200, i went on amazon, found a kit for around 60$. They said I would need a CANBUS decoder. Which I also bought. The lights still flicker after both of these, which is dangerous and probably illegal. If there are any kits that play nicely with chrysler in the 100$ or less...
  34. B

    Question PC won't boot after first being built

    Hi, I have an issue with a pc I have just built using mainly used parts. When I turn on the pc the lights on the motherboard appear but nothing else happens. No fans spinning, noises from the motherboard or anything. I have unplugged and replugged everything back in and know that the issue isn't...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] no rgb or led headers

    i have a asus a88x gamer motherboard and I don't think I have any rgb or led headers. my friend gave me 12v rgb led strips and I have nowhere to connect them. can yall help I don't know in what header I can put so It can work.
  36. muchdsign

    Question Monitor has bright spot since hung on Mount

    Hey ! Today I placed my main monitor on a monitor mount (Arctic z3), I had to screw it on. Since then, the monitor has a big bright spot right in the middle and some spillage on the sides. It mainly/only shows on a fully black page. When turned off, the monitor looks normal. No bumps or...
  37. A

    Question PW LED nessesary?

    Helo all, I have recently built my own computer with a blue and black color scheme, but that darn on off button and the reset switch have a bright red LED in them. So my question is: Do i really need to plug in PW LED ( + and - plugs) on the motherboard?. also, do i need to have the reset...
  38. S

    Question Blinking red light on DRAM

    about once every minute my DRAM on my motherboard will flash red and stay like that for a solid 5 seconds, my motherboard is...
  39. G

    Question Special Laptop Troubleshoot(Lenovo B560 power led blinking, No display)

    So here's the whole story. I was trying to repair this laptop i.e. Lenovo B560. It had lagging issues. The way it was lagging, I was pretty sure it was cause of tons of viruses in it. So I started installing a fresh windows on it. And after that, when I was about to install the antivirus, I...
  40. F

    Question Laptop under 50K (INR)

    Need to buy a windows laptop ASAP. Following are my requirements: -High performance -preferrably HD or above -Slim Design -screen size 13inches or more -Decent battery backup -life of atleast 3 years -available in India Requesting urgent reply. Need to purchase within the next few days.