[SOLVED] What would be a fitting GPU?

Jul 17, 2019
So basically I have a 500 Watts psu and it has 1 6-pin and no 8 pins..
Right now I am using the Gt 630 graphics card which is... just bad....
I am looking for a budget graphics card that my psu can handle, please help.
I was thinking about 650 TI .This is my first post and a few first minutes on this account, I am new to this site, please understand if I messed something up.

I am from Lithuania so just import fees would cost up to like 20 euro so amazon or ebay wouldn't really work..

I used https://www.skelbiu.lt/skelbimai/kompiuterija/kompiuteriu-komponentai/stacionariems-kompiuteriams/vaizdo-plokstes/
to look for used gpus. ( I think you can use google translate to translate those pages for you )

I have a bad bad MoBo: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H61M-S1-rev-20#ov

and i have intel i3 3.3Ghz

my MoBo can only support ddr3 ram and only has 2 slots ( up to 16gb ram total ) I currently have 4gb ram and gonna upgrade that too
This doesn't sound like an especially new computer, so I'm not sure a power supply upgrade would be worth bothering with unless you were getting a card that required a fair amount of power, especially if there's a limited budget for the upgrade.

Around how much were you considering spending? A somewhat newer card like a GTX 950, 1050, 1050 Ti or 1650 would be considerably faster than a 650 Ti, while drawing less power.