What would you would say is the best router and modem right now?


Jul 18, 2011
So ive had terrible luck when it comes to almost anything tech related but one of the things that sticks out is how bad the internet has been at my house. I love saving money, learning new things, and working on anything computer related i just literally have bad luck which makes it tough to do. As for the internet being funky, i can thank time warner and where we live for that.

So if you guys had an endless budget and were stuck with time warner cable what would you buy as your modem and router?

Time warner is currently giving us roadrunners fastest service supposedly by cable. I believe were paying for around 45 megabits or so. But were actually getting 21.2 mbps down atm with 11 ping and 2.05 mbps up according to speedtest.net. Our internet speed has always been very inconsistent but the mbps up has been very consistent for some reason. Ive seen our internet get 5 mbps down a lot durring peak hours but usually it stays in the 10-15 range, and that might be due to where i live and the fact that we have 3 cable boxes and 4 computers using the internet and saying im a huge online gamer would be an understatement.

Im currently using a cisco-linksys WRT610N router. As for the modem, its a motorola surfboard SB6120.

Im looking to eliminate any issues with my parents since they use the internet. My dad is constantly streaming movies and videos as well as downloading music. My mom is constantly doing research online and using her kindle/phone. Ive heard phones can have an impact on internet speeds but its sounds like thats mostly if your using slower or older internet stuff. The reason i say all this is because of how inconsistent our internet has been, i just wanna make sure when the internet has problems its not us and its time warner which it seems to be most of the time.

- Thanks for your time.