[SOLVED] What's causing frame drops in Rust with a 3080 GPU ?

Nov 20, 2020
Ok, this is a confusing one, I previously owned 1060 and my frames on rust medium settings were around 60-70. About 3 months ago I bought a 3080, I cranked my settings and was seeing about 80-100. Unfortunately, after playing for a while I saw some major fps drops which were confusing, so I turned my settings down, very oddly my fps did not increase. I assumed this had something to do with the issues with the 3080s at the time so I undervolted my card, played for a little and thought the problem was solved. after this I took a couple of months to break from the game for school and didn't really touch my computer. When I came back I assumed the 3080 issues had been solved so I un-undervolted my cards and set the settings back to defaults. I played games like cold war which had no issues at all, on the absolute max settings gave me about 100 fps, and with ray tracing off but everything on ultra I got about 160-190 fps, which I believe are very good frames for the settings. The other day I decided to hop back on rust and was pretty happy getting about 95-120 fps. However, when I entered the launch site I would see drops to numbers like 60-70. I assumed that it was simply because the launch was a very dense area so I didn't think much of it, however, today, when I got on my frames, were much lower than yesterday, getting about 80-90 in areas where i previously had about 110-120. I didn't think much of it so, I continued to play but was startled when I got an fps drop to about 40-60 fps. I decided to lower my settings to the absolute lowest but to my confusion, I saw no fps increase whatsoever. I am currently reinstalling the game to see if that fixes any issues, I am relatively confident this is not a hardware issue because it is not occurring on any other games, however, I may be wrong. keep in mind I have not changed anything from yesterday to today, and both servers were close in population. my Pc spec are; Ryzen 5 3600x, MSI Ventus 3x OC 3080, 32 gigabytes of trident neo ram, a nzxt Kraken x63, nzxt h510, an MSI b450 gaming plus max motherboard, a 500 gigabyte SSD and 2 TB hard drive. I am currently reinstalling the game to see if that fixes anything however i am desperate for answers.


Nov 24, 2019
Rust isnt the best optimized game and on top of that runs on the unity engine so it doesn’t make great use of high end hardware. The reason your fps lowered from yesterday was probably because all the new bases that sprouted up since the last time you played, which is pretty cpu taxing. The reason you see no fps increase when lowering settings is because Rust likes fast CPUs (and favors intel from what Ive seen) and you’re CPU bound, not GPU bound. As you could see from Cold war, your hardware runs fine, Rust just is poorly optimized. Best you can do is get a CPU upgrade I think
Also 3080 doesnt scale amazingly at 1080p