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    Question Will a new CPU help improve frame rates on rust?

    Hello to all you wonderful people, Thank you in advance for the help, as you can see from the title I have problems running rust. I would like to play the game without any crashes or freezes. I really don't care about the graphics quality, I play it at the lowest. Please could you advise me on...
  2. Y

    Build Advice Looking to upgrade my gaming rig to play Rust.

    You can check the recommended specs for Rust on the Steam page for the game. I'm not very experienced with computers, so I wanted some advice on the ideal upgrade. So far what I know is: I need an SSD. I also need more RAM (16GB) My current specs are as follows: Graphics Card: NVIDIA...
  3. Fucia

    Question Low performance on Rust: No apparent solution

    Hi all, I've recently upgraded from a GTX 1080 to a RTX 3070 (around 3 months ago). My favorite game to play is Rust, and I've noticed that my performance is much less than my previous card. I'm stuck at 80-90 fps, no changes in settings help, sometimes even lowering my settings makes my fps...
  4. LeJaja

    [SOLVED] Rusted capacitor/resistor on 1050 ti

    I just noticed that my gtx 1050 ti has some rusted capacitors or transistors, i just noticed now. i dont overclock i dont use watercooling, everything seems to still be working fine, no artifacts. Its my only card rn and i cant afford a new one (ik its an old card). any tips? here is a pic...
  5. S

    Question Nvidia Geforce Shadowplay causing stuttering in Rust.

    So when I play Rust whilst using Nvidia shadowplay my game stutters like when I open my inventory and boxes. But when I turn it off, this issue doesnt occur. Does anyone else have the same problem , or a solution? SPECS: Ryzen 5 2600x 32GB Ram 2800 mhz B450-F Gaming Motherboard GTX 1060 3gb
  6. N

    [SOLVED] PC Builder Can't Figure Out BSOD and Crashes

    Hi all, 😃 My PC has been crashing more regularly recently and although I have built many PCs, I can't work out what's wrong. The temps seem to be fine when I have used Afterburner while playing Rust. It hasn't crashed on Apex Legends before. The PC always restarts fine. I should really get...
  7. nerzius

    [SOLVED] PC powers off at random time in game

    So, hello. Last 4 days i been having problems with my pc, when i play games like Rust, it keeps restarting in random time. When i go in game it just turns off and then starts again. I have checked my cpu and gpu temps, those are normal, i think its PSU, but how can i be sure? And how can i fix...
  8. V

    Question System turning off randomly for no reason while playing Rust ?

    So I just bought rust like an hour ago, end everytime I play, around 30-45 minutes during my session, my pc will completely turn off for no reason. It doesn't do this for ANY other game, including CS:GO, minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fallout 4. Specs: Asus X58 TUF...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] What's causing frame drops in Rust with a 3080 GPU ?

    Ok, this is a confusing one, I previously owned 1060 and my frames on rust medium settings were around 60-70. About 3 months ago I bought a 3080, I cranked my settings and was seeing about 80-100. Unfortunately, after playing for a while I saw some major fps drops which were confusing, so I...
  10. Z

    Question Rust Stuttering

    When playing Rust after a couple hours of gaming out of nowhere my game starts stuttering to the point that it's unplayable Used to not happen at all idk if its the games update or if something's wrong with my computer the games installed on a SSD and clearing the garbage collection (F9 clears...
  11. A

    Question Rust low FPS

    I have a 2080ti, TR 3970x, and 64GB 2666 RAM. I'm getting around 80fps in rust on 1080p and think the reason for my low fps is my cpu. Is there a way i can boost my FPS? On my old PC i got around 140-180 (1080ti, 8700k, 32GB 2666) Thanks!
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to plug my computer into a rusty/corroded 3 prong wall adapter?

    I'm kind of a noob at all this electric stuff, so I bought some new speakers and I had reconfigure the way I plugged my things in. Basically, I got a power strip (15A 120V) that has one pc, 2 monitors and some speakers. While the other slot on the wall has a pretty old wall adapter (15A ,120V...
  13. cos_ine

    Question Need help fixing allocation/reallocation issues

    I had problems with Rust crashing, and when I contacted support for the second time and sent them my DxDiag file and the game's output_log.txt, this was the response that I have gotten. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix the incorrect allocating/reallocating? My dedicated video memory CPU...
  14. cos_ine

    Question Rust constantly crashing in game

    Yesterday, I bought Rust, since the Steam Summer Sale has begun. I installed it and everything seemed normal when in the menu. I have joined a server and around 20 minutes into playing, Rust froze, then crashed and gave me an error with the Easy Anticheat. This began happening regularly, I would...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 low fps, prior spontaneous 980ti catastrophic failure

    Let me know if I should post in a different thread. Specs: RTX 2080 Gigabyte i7 6700 3.4GHz 2 x 8GB DDR3L Kingston 1600MHz 850 EVO 250GB SSD (Windows 7 OS drive) 500GB SSD (Games drive) 2TB HDD (Storage) ASRock Z170 Pro 4-D3 LGA1151 DDR3 ATX Mobo Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler Thermaltake 750W...
  16. [SOLVED] How to clean the corroded contact pads on the hard drive pcb?

    I took out the PCB of one of my hard drive which is not getting detected just to check whether there's any burned caps or chip and I found some corrosion/rust on the contact pads which makes the contacts with hard drive. I have uploaded the picture for the reference. How can I clean the...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Can this budget Dell gaming PC run Rust?

    Hello, I currently have a spare Dell Insipiron PC that I have upgraded with an i5 760, GTX 750 ti, and 8 GB of RAM. It has proved to be a capable gaming PC in most titles. My friend is looking to upgrade from an old gaming laptop (has a GTX 645 or something like that, don't know the CPU sorry)...
  18. C

    Question Signal input out of range when Rust game is launched

    Hey all. Just found the site. Hope someone can help. When I try to run the game Rust off of my steam app, the game launches as normal but a few seconds after entering the loading screen the screen cuts black and says. "SignaI input out if range". It says the signal I’m supposedly using and...
  19. G

    Question After restarting my pc games crash

    When i start up my pc for the first time every game runs perfectly. but when i close a game (talking about rust now) it has this issue that when i try to start the game again steam says the game is already running. normally this wouldnt be a problem as i would just restart my pc. but lately and...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Rust Low Fps

    I had already posted a thread like this but I currently own an rtx 2080 paired with a ryzen 7 2700, when I play rust my gpu usage is usually really low sitting around the 30’s I have swapped my psu, my ram is 3466mhz 16gb. It only happens in rust all other games are fine, does anyone know...
  21. B

    Question Rust Low FPS and GPU Usage

    I currently have a ZOTAC RTX 2080 AMP paired with a Ryzen 7 2700 and get really low GPU usage in any setting. I always get 30 to 40 percent GPU usage in rust only, in other games my GPU usage is 100 percent, note my CPU usage is also relatively low which means it is not a CPU bottleneck. I was...
  22. T

    Question Rust low fps

    Hi, So I've been playing Rust for a while on my computer and i notice that the FPS isn't what I expected. I'm aware of the optimization problems Rust has and such. So in game i have 80+ fps when I'm roaming in the edge of a map with 150 ppl on. When i'm around players in the center parts of the...
  23. Almighti Zeus

    Question Rust random BSOD on sick computer

    I desperately need someones help. I'm a full-time streamer and these random every hour or every 15m or every 2 hour BSOD are killing me! Randomly while in game my rust will just cause my entire computer to go into a BSOD. It has never happened with any other game but only Rust.. I desperately...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Nvidia 2080 rtx worse performance each day and counting?

    Hi! Im Christian, I have a rather wierd issue with my system. System speccs.: Motherboard.: Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7 wifi Cpu (What i think may cause the problem).: AMD Ryzen 1700 stock Ram.: 32GB Corsair something 3000Mhz Gpu.: Gainward 2080 RTX tripplefan stock (Coilwhine at heavy load) PSU...
  25. gamerbrehdy

    [SOLVED] Rusty thumbscrews

    Here is I, owner of a Thermaltake View 27. For the ones that do not know, this case comes with 6 black thumbscrews that make removal of the transparent side-top cover and cable management plate easier. Due to my sweaty hands, and exposure to the humid air (I leave them out, because then I can...
  26. M

    Question rust stuttering

    I am getting annoying stuttering in rust even with a pretty good rig, Ive tried literally every guide there is on youtube about rust stuttering etc, Nothing works, Ive got an gtx 1080 TI and a i7 7700k. I also get a bit of input lag and its really really annoying and just makes the game...
  27. L

    [SOLVED] CPU or RAM bottleneck?

    Hi, I have an i7-3770 paired with 16 GB of DDR3 @1600Mhz and a 1660 ti. I can't run rust at above 60 FPS, my frames usually drop to around 40-50 when I have been playing for a while. I have followed many optimisation guides for rust yet they don't seem to help fix my issue. My GPU is around...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] dust or rust ?

    I noticed a few days ago that on my GPU ventilation holes from the back of the card I have something that seems either dust or rust but i am not sure wich one . I tried to somehow clean it , but using a ear cotton or a paper like I did it´s hard to clean it because it´s hard to reach there...
  29. X

    [SOLVED] Horrible fps on Rust with High-end PC

    Hello, Dunno if I'm the only one who is having these issues but when I'm on rust for about 20 minutes my fps drops down horrible, from about 60-70 to like 30-45. My pc build is: 16gb ram vengeance DDR4 Ryzen 5 2600x (Stock cooler) gtx 1080 STRIX B450 gaming pro carbon motherboard 750 watt...
  30. T

    [SOLVED] Rust is a stuttery mess

    Specs: e5 1650 v1 (3930k) gtx 1070 ti 16gb ram crucial mx500 120gb ssd graphics driver: 430.86 After a few months of not playing rust, I fired it up again recently. Performance was AWFUL from the start. I dropped all graphics settings to minimum and it didn't change. Whenever I move the mouse...
  31. A

    Question Quick Question About My Low PERFORMANCE IN RUST

    So I have a 1070 STRIX a RYZEN 6 1500 AND 16 GB OF RAM. My question to you is, is my CPU bottle necking my GPU and that causes the low performance because it is aggravating me
  32. Z

    Question If I get more memory, will games run faster?

    I want to get more ram. Now I have 4 gb ddr3 1600mhz ram. I want another 4 gb My computer I3-3240 Gt 640 1gb If I double my ram can I get better fps in games Like rust, rainbow six siege?
  33. R

    Question Rusty RX580

    I found this guy selling his mining cards. The card in question has signs of rust on it due to him living near the coast, but the cards only cost $140. Is it okay to buy this card? Will there be any performance degradation or any bad reliability factors? These are the pics the seller provided...
  34. T

    [SOLVED] CPU usage goes down the 33 percent while gaming, causes FPS drop

    These FPS drops used to happen to me, but it usually involved my GPU, not CPU. When I ran Prime95 and kept and eye on my cpu temps/usage, the usage always went to 33 percent, always in the same pattern, but my temperature is at a cool 50 degrees. This happens on any CPU intensive game, but the...
  35. F

    Question Insufficient memory with Rust

    So I got fx 6300 gtx 960 and 8br ram ddr3 1866 mhz, when I'm in Rust the game consumes all my 8 gb, is there a solution for this? I know that people with 8 gb too, and they do not have this problem, any help please, I can not update rn to 16 gb!
  36. T

    can I upgrade my GPU?

    I have an Asus X541-dm134v, with i7-7500U and GTX 920M, can I upgrade my GPU to something better and which should I go for?
  37. S

    why wont my new graphics card turn on?

    i installed my new graphics card today and i have the external power and all the requirements but it wont turn on, idk what to do
  38. J

    Is it safe to put a mechanical HDD on a caddy with the ASUS K555L?

    Resorted to finding another way to fix my friends laptop. I've seen a video wherein he added a secondary drive (an SSD) using a caddy however he said that I shouldn't but using a mechanical HDD because for some reason, the K555L cuts power to it.
  39. M

    Is it good to left the LLC to Auto?

    or set to manual Regular/Medium/High/Extreme ? Strix B350F Ryzen 5 1600 3.7GHz 1.231VID Thanks
  40. J

    is pc good?

    AMD FX 6300 GTX 460 8GB RAM 600W PSU Is it decent?