[SOLVED] Nvidia 2080 rtx worse performance each day and counting?

Dec 23, 2019
Hi! Im Christian, I have a rather wierd issue with my system.
System speccs.:
Motherboard.: Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7 wifi
Cpu (What i think may cause the problem).: AMD Ryzen 1700 stock
Ram.: 32GB Corsair something 3000Mhz
Gpu.: Gainward 2080 RTX tripplefan stock (Coilwhine at heavy load)
PSU.: Corsair 750W
Storage windows.: SSD M2 Samsung 970EVO 250gb 3xxx/3xxx Read/write
Aditional storage 512gb Kingston ssd 2,5"

Temprature of both CPU and GPU is fine, no issues there.

I have recently started playing rust again. When i played it before, i had stable 100-120fps with this setup, now its all over the place from 40-70/80. The gpu is just around 20-30% load. CPU load around the same. I cant make sense of this.. If i lower the rendering distance nothing happens. I feel its better fps at higher graphics for some reason..
GPU drivers are up to date, bios updated

Help me please :)
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Lower GPU usage? 20-30% GPU usage is very low.

Try to revert your GPU drivers to the version you had with 100-120FPS.
Sometimes new drivers break older working things.

How old is your PSU? Which model?